Brooke Shapiro

Marketing expert that guides founders of early-stage startups/ small businesses through the ideation, roadmap & execution of launch plans.


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Are you a Stressed Out, Busy, and Pulled-in-a-Million-Directions Founder?

Does this sound like you? If you are a founder, you likely started doing something you have experience in and/or loved. But now that it's your business, you are getting stretched to work on 1000 different areas of the business that you have no passion for like finance, product, website, networking etc. I get it. I myself am a founder ( and prefer working on the things I like and outsourcing the things that take away my time/energy.

Let me help you by sharing some marketing insights, tools, and resources that I have accumulated over the past 15 years. I'd love to relieve you of the pressure of building marketing plans so that you can focus on the areas of your business that you’re passionate about.

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About Me

I’m an expert at guiding early-stage (pre-seed) startups, CPG, and parenting products with their marketing plans. I have 15+ years of experience creating marketing launch strategies for consumer brands like Coca-Cola, Taco Bell, and Johnson & Johnson. Now as a consultant, I take ideate, oversee or coach founders with their marketing so they can sit back and watch the sales come in.

My most important job is being a mom of 2 young kids. Motherhood has completely turned my world upside down and I now advocate for and support other moms so they can thrive in their careers.


My life’s mission is to help parents thrive in their work and at home. I do this by developing a creative marketing launch plan for founders that reaches their target audience of parents and grows their brands. I also have an understanding of how to build long-term loyalty and retention through building a community, either for a product or within a company by creating a strong culture.

Founder Like You!

Outside of helping other parent focused brands, I created Sprinkles Parents, a resource organization that educates parents on important topics (e.g. how to travel with small children, financial planning, post-parenthood fashion) and access to fun family events (e.g. kids brewery takeovers, playground playdates, trolley tours). Building this community gives me insights about parents’ wants and needs while also creating a marketplace to share useful products.

I also share my passion for ice cream on my Instagram ( and as host of the Let's Spoon podcast, where I tell ice cream business origin stories and take a behind-the-scenes look at the brands’ flavors, people, and products.

My dream life would be to connect with new people every day.

Success Stories

US Viral Launch

Australian business was looking to launch their product in the US to reach moms within a very small window post birth when learning to breast pump. I created a custom marketing strategy that enabled the brand to build a community of moms, constantly refill our audience pool and launch a successful pilot program in just a few months. Part of our strategy was gaining her trust through educational videos on Tik Tok, which went viral and drove in thousands of new customers.

Working with me, we get results fast and in a turnkey way for founders.

Successful Retail Launch

Parent tech product was launching their product with Walmart. Together we developed both in-store and ecommerce enabled partnerships with the retailer. As a bonus, we were able to figure out low cost PR opportunities. We were able to gain results and continue to grow our relationship with the retailer which was a huge win!

12 Week Launch

Currently, working with a baby formula brand to quickly launch a solution given the shortage. I have been overseeing the strategy, partnerships, website development and social strategy (truly everything) for the business while the founder focuses her time on operations, sales, product development and other areas of needs within the business


I couldn't recommend Brooke highly enough. I have just started a small business (Milkdrop) in Australia, and needed help to prepare for a launch of our first product in the US. Brooke helped us make sense of everything from high-level strategy (market opportunity, pricing, USP), helped us develop tactics that would deliver it, AND also helped us execute (building partnerships, content and more). She managed to do this without us travelling to the US. She's efficient with her time, is super well-connected, and easy to work with. She took work off my plate, which allowed me to focus on the things I needed to, without having to worry about where it was all heading. Brooke was an absolute delight to work with.

~ CEO, Milkdrop Pumps

Brooke was an enthusiastic and conscientious addition to our team. She is committed to getting her work done right and on time. She navigated a challenging onboarding experience (or lack thereof!) with grace. She is a passionate advocate for parents and new moms and has great experience working with CPG/Retail companies.

~CEO, Tot Squad

Brooke was an all-star teammate bringing expertise in sales, marketing, and business development to accelerate growth in a fast-paced startup environment. She seamlessly onboarded and immediately complimented the team with her stellar organizational and communication skills. I would highly recommend working with Brooke as she is an invaluable asset to any team!

~CEO, Sapient

Brooke is a self starter and brings a ton of passion to her work. I enjoyed working with her knowing I could count on her to advance new ideas and push our thinking, while she proactively looked to take more on. Brooke is a valuable asset to any team and I miss working with her!

~ Director of Marketing, Harmless Harvest

How to Work With Me!

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-Marketing Launch Plan Package (6 sessions walking through you launch to live)

-Strategy Kick-off (1 session + launch roadmap )

-1 Time: Ideation and Marketing Consulting (1 session)

-Marketing Oversight/ Leadership (5-10 hours per week)

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