Secrets of Sampling

Brooke Shapiro
May 3, 2023

Hi Founder, 

If you are a product, you have likely done some sampling. You may have given products to your friends. It could have been an event, conference, handing out in your building, or even a farmer's market. I can’t believe how many of you have also sent me products after chatting as well (thank you! I appreciate it). 

Getting your products out there into the right hands (or mouths) can be an extremely powerful approach for your business. No matter the reason you are considering sampling your products (maybe they’re expiring, maybe you’re trying to donate it or just get rid of excess), I wanted to share a few things to know about sampling:

First, know why you are giving  out samples (It can be all of the below as well):

  1. Tell friends about it?  (make sure you let them know what to say)

  2. Want them to share with friends? (give them extra to share the love) 

  3. Try it and then be sold and need to buy more (so create sample size vs full size)

  4. Create a video for your brand. (Do they know you want them to do this?)  

  5. Needing feedback on flavor or smells? (is there a survey they need to fill out) 

  6. Building out your email list?

  7. Become your brand ambassadors

Are you giving out samples at the right place/event? In other words, is this the right time/audience? 

  1. Are people in the right mindset and ready to try it? (handing out ice cream at 10 am in your apartment building may not be appealing) 

  2. Does your product make sense for the event? 

  3. Will people remember your product from this event? 

  4. Or even be able or know how to purchase your product afterward? 

Make sure to capture email addresses! If you're at a sampling event (or honestly anywhere), PLEASE PLEASE  just ask people to pop in their email addresses so you can stay connected. 

The time and cost of sampling stations adds up! Your time, or paying for someone’s time, at these events can catch up to you (do you want to spend your weekends at these events).

Besides live sampling, did you know there are other ways to sample?  It’s a lot less personal since there are so many other products out there, but depending on your objectives, it could be a great solution. 

  1. Boxes such as Hey Milestone, Birch Box, and more. 

  2. Getting teams (street team or event planners) to hand out your products instead of you 

  3. Office sampling if you are a baby product or skin care having doctors, doulas, teachers etc receiving your products from third parties work great too

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