Not a Good Use of Your Time

Brooke Shapiro
Apr 26, 2023

Hi Founder, 

“This is not a good use of my time” is probably one of the phrases that is said in nearly every meeting that clients come to me.  As a founder there is just so much to do all the time. 

Spending hours a day on their social media marketing (or on the phone with Facebook support or responding to DMs) or just not really sure they are focusing their energy in the right places since there are so many marketing tools out there now. 

First off, let’s change the script in your head to say “I bet Brooke can help me with this instead so that  I can focus on other areas of the business.”

OK. Now that we took care of that, let me just tell you flat out, “YES I CAN SAVE YOU TIME AND BRING IN MORE MONEY TO YOUR BUSINESS.”

After working with tons of clients this past year, I saw exactly what they were missing/needing, and was able to provide them relief, time and success. [Wouldn't you like to earn $30k per month?]

The other important value I provide is to create flexible jobs for other moms out there. The good news is that I can do that with my complimentary 2.5K parent community of  Sprinkles Parents. 

Check out my newest offerings to help you grow your marketing with ease and achieve meaningful results. 

Social Media Content Creation and Growth 

Managing, creating and responding authentically to your social media is absolutely overwhelming, exhausting and a huge time suck.  I created a seamless process to take this off your plate, ensure it’s your voice/tone, and start growing your following and building your brand engagement. 

Paid Advertising and Search 

Clients went from $0K to $9k in the first month working together with me. They also had all of the creative magically built as well. 

Don’t Forget 

Monday at 10am you can join Founders for Marketing On the Fly. We troubleshoot marketing and provide you tools to manage your marketing easily on your own.  There are only 2 spots left. 

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