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🎉 ICYMI: Last month, we launched Ganas Ventures, a fund investing in pre-seed and seed Web 2 and Web 3 community-driven startups in the US and Latin America. We also made our first investment into Latitud’s seed round co-led by a16z and NFX. And we’ve raised $2.4M (out of a $10M target) on the fundraising front so far! If you want to invest in, pitch, or join the Ganas Ventures family, visit us at ganas.vc.

Elias Torres (Drift), Jenny Lefcourt (Freestyle VC), Maria Velissaris (SteelSky Ventures), Suneera Madhani (Stax)

In previous issues, we talked about money goalsinvestment options, perspectives on becoming an angel/LP/VC, how to become an angel/LP/VC, and launching Ganas Ventures! I also shared the Ganas inside scoop on the name and journey here. This week, I share a few recording goodies and three questions I've heard from new Ganas LPs (AKA investors in my fund).

⏺ Recording goodies

🤔 Ganas LP questions

LP: What makes for a successful fund manager?

Me: A successful manager multiplies their investors’ (AKA LPs) money. Facts: emerging fund managers (like me!) and women investors (me too!) outperform other investors. Read more about venture capital returns here.

LP: Why do you believe you have what it takes to become a successful fund manager at Ganas, Lolita?

Me: It’s a sales job, and that’s my background, and I 100% believe that investing in my thesis will make money for my investors (AKA LPs) and me. I’ve sold over $70M in tech. So, I have the sales chops (which helps with fundraising and allows me to help my portfolio companies raise) and the insight into what sells in the market (which helps me help my founders strategize on how to sell what they sell). And in terms of my thesis, the one-to-many sales approach is antiquated and expensive for companies; being community-driven allows for companies to lower their customer acquisition cost and brings a slew of other benefits, allowing them to create a differentiation moat and win in the market. When they win, they become unicorns, like community-driven AirBnB (valuation/market cap of +$90B) and MongoDB (valuation/market cap of +$30B). And I believe the next unicorns and decacorns will be Web 2 and Web 3 community-driven companies, and I plan to invest in them. My edge: I get community because it’s always been a part of who I am. We have our community. And I believe we will build generational wealth in community.

LP: In your Twitter bio you state that your personal mission behind venture capital is to "create generational wealth." What does that mean?


🙏🏽 Thank you again to all who believe in me and those who decide to invest in Ganas Ventures! If there's something you'd like me to cover in the next issue, hit reply and I'll see you next time.

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Kathryn Haun for raising $1.5B for Haun Ventures. Suneera Madhani for raising $245M for Stax and becoming a unicorn founder. Jenny Lefcourt raised $150M for Freestyle VC’s fund 6. Maria Velissaris raised $72M for SteelSky Ventures. Winnie Harlow raised $4.1M for Cay Skin. Adriana Tortajada and Esteban Coppel Gómez launched 1200 VC. Eric Bahn, Elizabeth Yin, and the Hustle Fund team launched The Hustleverse.

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