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Danielle Washington & Ciara Imani May (Rebundle), Marcus Whitney (Jumpstart Nova), Chris Bennett (Wonderschool)

In the last three issues, we talked about money goals, investment options, and perspectives on becoming an angel, LP, or VC. And, today, we're going to find out how you can become an angel, LP, or VC fund manager in two steps.

Step 1. Are you accredited?

Determine whether you’re an accredited investor or not. If you are an accredited investor by the SEC definition, you can invest as an angel or LP. You are an accredited investor if you earn $200K, as an individual, or $300K as a couple annually, or if your net worth is more than $1M (not counting the value of your primary home), or if hold a Series 7, Series 65, or Series 82 license. If you create a VC fund, you can invest through the fund regardless of whether or not you are accredited as an individual.

Step 2 for unaccredited peeps:

You can become an angel investor by:

  • depending on your state, you can invest in startups up to $2K or up to 5% of your annual income via equity crowdfunding. Read details here.

  • Outside of angel investing, you can also invest in:

    • traditional investment vehicles such as publicly-traded stocks and ETFs on platforms such as Robinhood, Baraka (port co)

    • crypto (e.g., Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana) on platforms such as Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken, Syndicate (port co), Alt (port co)

Step 2 for accredited peeps:

TL;DR. You can become an…

  1. Angel investor by asking founders to let you invest and then writing them a check they accept. Alternatively, you can angel invest in a community through angel groups.

    1. Read more on becoming an angel investor here.

    2. Get intros to startups founded by underestimated founders (and then consider investing) through the Startup-Investor Matching Tool.

  2. LP investor by asking general partners, these are venture capital fund managers, to let you invest and then writing them a check they accept.

    1. Read more about becoming an LP investor here.

    2. Get intros to venture capital funds founded by underestimated funders (and then consider investing) through the GP-LP Matching Tool.

  3. Venture Capital investor by taking a job at a fund or launching your own.

    1. Read more about becoming a venture capital fund manager in How to Raise a Venture Capital Fund.

    2. Get intros to LPs through the GP-LP Matching Tool and startups through the Startup-Investor Matching Tool.

Disclaimer: I share my perspective above and yet I’m not a licensed financial advisor and advise you to do your own due diligence before making money moves.

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