The Attraxion Playhouse

Dating, Relationship and Intimacy Coach - Soul Mechanic - Branding and Marketing Consultant (Certified Holistic Life Coach)

The Attraxion Playhouse❤️

Welcome to a heart-led space, dedicated to helping make your romantic life more fun, more safe, more saucy and more satisfying.

If you are single and struggling with dating. If you are in a relationship and struggling with your partner or if you have intimacy issues, or no sex/intimacy in your relationship... you have come to the right place.

We are wonderfully complex beings but there is a Matrix running within us all, the unconscious mind and that is where I operate. Real change from within you.

Come play!

Custom Coaching Sessions:

I work with groups, with couples or work 1:1 to go even deeper, allowing for more privacy.

Please email me on to book a free discovery call and chat about how I can address your needs.

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