Moving beyond the parasocial » Updates From Erin, October 12, 2021

Hey friends,

Have you ever met someone from the internet IRL? What different nuances exist in these friendships that might not exist in a friendship of someone you met initially IRL?

Let me toss the idea out that these relationships really shouldn't be that different. At the end of the day we're seeking connection, friendship, and authenticity online.

I explored some of the nuance of these online relationships in the recent Fandom Communities newsletter — and why it's so important to move beyond the parasocial.

While the internet provided us so many different ways to make a living — it also normalized parasocial relationships (not cool).

Let's break this norm — starting one conversation at at a time.

And I'll kick it off — let's chat + get to know one another, just for the sake of getting to know one another — my calendar is open here.

Events upcoming:

Things I'm a fan of lately:

Whats on your mind? What are you a fan of lately?

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