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Study Group: Getting Started with Community Operations

Hosted by Orbit & 3 others
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School is back in session! 📖

We’re hosting themed Study Groups here at Orbit where we will gather on a regular basis to dive in together on topics of interest.

One such Study Group is Community Operations. Community roles are expanding in the world of community - Community Operations is one such role that has always happened but not necessarily given the name for. All communities need efficient processes behind the scenes.

In this session, Sara will lead the way in facilitating this session, covering: What is Community Ops

  • What does Community Operations mean?

  • How does community ops differ from community management?

  • How does Community Operations fit into a Community Journey?

Study Groups are safe spaces to:

  • discuss and explore topics

  • ask questions

  • pitch in with your views or experience

We’ll be using Butter & Miro. The session will (hopefully) be recorded. 

See you there! ✌🏻