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🇦🇷 ICYMI: Ganas Ventures launched last month, we made our first investment into Latitud, and Josh and I moved to Buenos Aires Argentina. And thanks to the community, here’s everything you need to know about the Argentina startup scene.

Néstor Hugo Solari (Sigo Seguro), Shayna Harris and Noramay Cadena (Supply Chain Capital), Tara Viswanathan (Rupa Health)

👋🏽 Hi! I’m getting more questions about investing in venture capital funds from community members that are first-time LPs and I really love to see it because doing due diligence is so important! I’ll get into it but first I want to re-share the three recordings from our last newsletter because not all the links worked last time and many of you reached out asking for them.

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🤔 First-Time LP Q&A

New LP: Should I invest in venture capital funds versus something else?

Me: only you can answer that. And yet I can share with you one take on investing in a venture capital fund: venture capital has a rich history of delivering both strong returns for investors and helping early-stage companies realize their potential. And while there are plenty of investment options to consider, VC performance continues to produce stand-out returns.

New LP: My goal is to make lots of money. Why should I invest in Ganas Ventures versus other financial vehicles?

Me: Before you decide to invest, I urge you to consider your money goals and only plan to invest in Ganas Ventures, my venture capital fund, if you are accredited and one of your goals is to allocate part of your investment budget to a high-risk, high-reward financial vehicle. Consider that your money will be locked up for around a decade and that your money will either multiply by a lot, a little, or not at all. Of course, I will aim to multiply your money (before making an investment I ask myself, “is there a 50x return potential?”) but I can never guarantee a return (nor can anyone else) because nobody knows what’s going on to happen in the future. So, get your questions answered and then decide whether investing in VC and Ganas is for you.

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Disclaimer: I share my perspective above and yet I’m not a licensed financial advisor and advise you to do your own due diligence before making money moves.


Tara Viswanathan raised $20 M for Rupa Health’s Series A. Shayna Harris and Noramay Cadena from Supply Chain Capital and the Fearless Fund team raised a combined $15M from General Mills. Néstor Hugo Solari raised $5.4M for Sigo Seguro’s seed round. Annie Reardon and Renee Russo raised over $4M for Glow Lab’s seed round. Noelle Acosta raised $1.4M for Noula Health. Andie Illanes and Eduardo Mussali raised $1.2M for wOS. Sydney Sykes became a Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners.

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