Cover Image for LongBio 2024: The Longevity Biotech Conference @ Vitalia (Jan 19-21) -- Part 1
Cover Image for LongBio 2024: The Longevity Biotech Conference @ Vitalia (Jan 19-21) -- Part 1

LongBio 2024: The Longevity Biotech Conference @ Vitalia (Jan 19-21) -- Part 1

Hosted by LongBio Conference & Sebastian Brunemeier
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Table of Contents:

1 The LongBio Conference summary

2 What is Vitalia

3 Upcoming Conferences at Vitalia

4 LongBio Conference Details & 3 Day Schedule Overview

5 Conference Speaker List (more to be announced periodically)

6 Background on the Startup Cities Movement, Vitalia, Zuzalu, Prospera

7 Travel logistics: Accommodation & Flights

1. The LongBio Conference

The LongBio Conference at Vitalia is a curated, invite-only gathering of ±200 prominent longevity biotech founders, investors, futurists, and bio-accelerationists.

We discuss the cutting edge advances in regenerative medicine, longevity biotech, medical regulation, and accelerating the pace of biomedical progress.

The conference takes place in Roatan Island, Honduras (with direct flights from the US with >1M visitors per year), during the 2 month 'pop-up city' of Vitalia (

Any profits from the conference will be donated to the Longevity Biotech Fellowship.

Thank you to our sponsors!

The venue is the Las Verandas Hotel & Resort in Pristine Bay (Owned by Prospera, the charter city).

There are many accommodation options nearby, and a shuttle for transportation.

Las Verandas Hotel & Resort

2. What is Vitalia

See the website at

 Vitalia is a 2 month co-living gathering, a series of conferences, and global community of radical life extensionists, investors, longevity biotech founders, and bio-accelerationists.

A Balajian ‘network society,’ Vitalia is a network of locations globally, with several permanent settlements (the first in Prospera, a private charter city on the Caribbean island of Roatan and the most advanced city in the Network States & neogovernance movement). [1]

Vitalia was launched by participants of Zuzalu, who [2] were inspired by a similar and highly successful 2 month pop-up community in Montenegro, initiated by Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum, with a focus on crypto, longevity, and advanced technologies.

Zuzalu hosted 200-300 highly curated residents, and several hundred more visitors and conference attendees (conferences on longevity, synthetic biology, network states, AI, etc.). [3]

These multi-month gatherings are a new form of community, between a conference and co-living. We select a highly curated, invite-only group of leaders in their respective fields to live and work together for an extended period of time.

This co-living experience builds stronger ties than a more ephemeral conference gathering - nucleating new companies, projects, and investments to turbocharge the pace of technological and societal progress. 

Vitalia itself has raised venture capital to develop these longevity-focused communities in several locations globally – for permanent residents and visitors to come together and address the greatest perennial threat to humanity – aging itself.

For all details:

Presentation by Laurence Ion to the Foresight Institute about Vitalia.

Vitalia presentation slides (Niklas Anzinger & Laurence Ion)

3. Upcoming Conferences at Vitalia / Prospera:

1. Longevity Biotech (LongBio): January 19-21

2. Crypto Cities, Network States, & Neogovernance (NeoGov)

3. AI & Techno-Optimism (Feb 5-11th)

4. Pathways to Life Extension: Biotech Solutions

More info:

What is the LongBio Conference?

Longevity Biotech, Long-term Bio-accelerationism & Human Enhancement

This conference invites you to envision and invent the most advanced medicine and biotechnology that is technically feasible today.

Given that aging itself is the leading cause of death and disease, and that aging is medically malleable – why is society not (yet) devoting significant resources to this most fruitful area of medical research? This is a market inefficiency that we aim to address by raising the profile of longevity biotech and bio-libertarian, bio-accelerationist thought.

Targeting aging itself, the root cause of most disease, will be a medical revolution comparable to the dawn of Pasteur’s “Germ Theory” and the use of antibiotics – doubling human lifespan within a few decades.

Beach club at the resort


Day 1 (Friday 19th): Longevity Biotech Overview — Workshops and Talks

Day 2 (Saturday 20th): The LongBio Revolution: Longevity biotech talks from >20 leaders in the field.

Day 3 (Sunday 21st): Biotech Company Showcase — pitches and investor day. >20 companies presenting.

Roatan Island, aerial photo of Pristine Bay.

5. Conference Speakers:
(new speakers announced periodically)

Aubrey de Grey PhD, Founder of the LEV Foundation, author of Ending Aging, and the world’s most prominent proponent of rejuvenation biotech. 

Prof. Jonathan Anomaly PhD, Professor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics. Academic Director of the Center for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics in Quito, Ecuador. Anomaly works with a startup that offers polygenic embryo screening for health (longevity) and other physical and mental traits.  Former professor at Duke and Penn.  Author of "Creating Future People: The Ethics of Genetic Enhancement," (PDF) and leading thinker on embryo selection and genetic enhancement. Podcast link.

Sebastian Brunemeier, Biotech VC and company builder focused on longevity & regenerative medicine. CEO of ImmuneAGE Bio, General Partner at Healthspan Capital, co-founder and CIO of Cambrian Biopharma, Founder & COO of Samsara Therapeutics, Principal at Apollo Health Ventures. Geroscientist by training (Oxford/Scripps PhD dropout as Clarendon Scholar, MSc in Molecular Neuro & Biotech Business Management). Advisor to VitaDAO, Longevity Biotech Fellowship. Link to selected presentations and podcasts.

Bryan Johnson: Founder & CEO of Blueprint. 'Rejuvenation athlete' and biohacker focused on longevity optimization. Entrepreneur (Braintree, Kernel), venture capitalist (OS Fund), and author ("Don't Die"). Biomarker wise, the most 'measured man' alive. Youtube Channel.

Jeanne Frances Loring is Co-founder and CSO of Aspen Neuroscience, developing stem cell therapeutics for Parkinson's disease. Aspen has raised over $200M from investors such as Domain, Section 32, Arch Ventures, GV, and Orbimed. She was the founding Director of the Center for Regenerative Medicine and emeritus professor at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California.

Josef Christensen, PhD: Chief BD Officer of StemMedical, a commercial-stage mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) therapy company in Denmark. Former Global Commercial Associate Director for Stem Cell Therapies at Novo Nordisk. Former Partner at Apollo Health Ventures. PhD at Harvard on stem cell biology. McKinsey for 6 years working with big pharma clients. Co-founder of Meat Tomorrow. Advisor to Healthspan Capital.

Prof Terence Kealey PhD: Former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham, Professor of Clinical Biochemistry. Former biochemistry Lecturer at the University of Cambridge. PhD at University of Oxford. He has made the libertarian case against government funding of science — due to the 'crowding out' effect and inherent inefficiencies and dogmatism of bureaucratic centralization. He published around 45 original peer‐​reviewed papers and around 35 scientific reviews. Kealey learned how distorting government money could be to the scientific enterprise. In 1996, he published his first book, The Economic Laws of Scientific Research, in which he argued that, contrary to the conventional wisdom, governments need not fund science. His second book, Sex, Science and Profits (2008) argues that science is not a public good but, rather, is organized in invisible colleges, thereby making government funding irrelevant. He was an adjunct scholar with the Cato Institute.

Anders Sandberg, PhD: is senior research fellow at the Future of Humanity Institute (FHI) at the University of Oxford. His research at the FHI centres on management of low-probability high-impact risks, societal and ethical issues surrounding human enhancement, estimating the capabilities of future technologies, and very long-range futures. He is a fellow for Ethics and Values at Reuben College, Oxford. He is research associate of the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, the Oxford Centre for Neuroethics, the Center for the Study of Bioethics (Belgrade), and the Institute of Future Studies (Stockholm).

Prof Jessica Flanigan, PhD: Professor of Healthcare Ethics at University of Richmond, author of “Pharmaceutical Freedom: Why Patients Have A Right to Self Medicate” (Oxford University Press).  

Prof Alex Tabarrok, PhD: Professor of Economics at George Mason, co-founder of Marginal Revolution with Tyler Cowen, leading libertarian and pro-markets philosopher.

Michael Ringel, PhD has been at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) for 25 years and is currently Managing Director and Senior Partner. He is on the Board of Hevolution US, the charitable organization focused on extending healthy aging for the benefit of all humanity, the Board of AFAR, one of the oldest organizations supporting healthy aging through biomedical research, and on the Executive Board of the Sheba Longevity Center, a clinic at one of the world's best hospitals devoted to healthy aging. Dr. Ringel holds a B.A. summa cum laude in biology from Princeton, a Ph.D. in biology from Imperial College, and a J.D. cum laude from Harvard Law School.

Nils Regge: Co-Founder and General Partner at Apollo Health Ventures (the largest longevity biotech fund & company builder globally). He is one of the most successful German tech investors and a serial entrepreneur with six exits since 2009.

Michael Baran, PhD, MBA: Partner at Pfizer Ventures. Executive Director, External Science & Innovation, Worldwide R&D, Pfizer. Dr Baran has been at Pfizer for 15 years. Previously a scientist at the NIH and co-founder of drug discovery startup Nexomics Biosciences. MBA and PhD in biochemistry at Rutgers. He currently has responsibility for Pfizer’s investments in Anjarium Biosciences, Autobahn Therapeutics, Capstan Therapeutics, ImCheck Therapeutics, ImmunOs Therapeutics, Interius Biotherapeutics, Mediar Therapeutics, Parthenon Therapeutics, TRex Bio, and VitaDAO.

Alberto Santagostino: SVP of Gene and Cell Therapy at Lonza, Switzerland, one of the largest global manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and advanced therapeutics. Board Member of the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine. Partner at McKinsey & Co focused on biotech and pharma, spending 12 years at the firm.

Simone Fantaccini MD, PhD, MBA: Head of Medical Affairs & CSO at Novartis Pharmaceutical AG. Founder of SynapseDAO, funding R&D in neglected neurological diseases. Advisory Board of VitaDAO, the leading longevity DAO.

Andrew Cohen JD is Vice President, Head Counsel R&D Legal at Takeda Pharmaceuticals, leading all legal aspects of Takeda R&D’s ~$4.9BN (est. 2023) research and development efforts.  Andy has extensive experience in legal and business counseling for pharmaceutical products in all stages of development, from discovery through post-marketing, with special focus on M&A/Licensing, cross-border issues, dispute resolution and team leadership.  Andy has a J.D. from The University of Chicago, and prior to entering the pharmaceutical space in 2005 worked at global law firms and served as a law clerk in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

Elisabeth Roider MD/PhD, MBA is Harvard-and Swiss-trained, internationally renowned physician scientist. As a Partner & Chief Scientific and Medical Officer at Maximon is she dedicated to bring the field of longevity to the next level. As a physician-scientist, she works at the University Hospital of Basel and the Harvard Medical School.

Prof. Jay Olshansky, PhD is Professor in the School of Public Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Research Associate at the Center on Aging at the University of Chicago and at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and Chief Scientist at Lapetus Solutions, Inc. The focus of his research to date has been on estimates of the upper limits to human longevity, exploring the health and public policy implications associated with individual and population aging, forecasts of the size, survival, and age structure of the population, pursuit of the scientific means to slow aging in people (The Longevity Dividend). Dr. Olshansky is on the Board of Directors of the American Federation of Aging Research (AFAR); he is the first author of The Quest for Immortality: Science at the Frontiers of Aging (Norton, 2001) and A Measured Breath of Life (2013); and co-edited Aging: The Longevity Dividend (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2015).

Laura Koivusalo PhD is the CEO of Stemsight. StemSight’s vision is to cure blindness with off-the-shelf stem cell-based therapies. Dr Koivusalo holds a doctorate in tissue engineering, from Tampere University in Finland. After completing her PhD under Professor Heli Skottman, Laura founded the company StemSight based on the research group’s discoveries. In leading the company as a CEO, Laura has won several pitching competitions, industry prizes, and grants, and been awarded as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Person of the World in 2022 by Junior Chamber International. 

Andrea B. Maier, MD, is co-Director of the Center for Health Longevity at the National University of Singapore (NUS). A specialist in Internal Medicine-Geriatrics and was appointed Full Professor of Gerontology at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (The Netherlands) in 2013. She was the head of Geriatrics at the Vrije Universiteit Medical Center from 2012 to 2016. From 2016 to early 2021 Professor Maier served as Divisional Director of Medicine and Community Care at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia, and as Professor of Medicine and Aged Care at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Prof Ingemar Patrick Linden, PhD: Author of “The Case Against Death” (MIT Press 2022), former professor at NYU, PhD in philosophy and ethics. Affiliations at Lund University Sweden, UCL, University of California, NYU, where he has taught philosophy for almost a decade.

Nathan Cheng: Co-founder of the Longevity Biotech Fellowship (LBF), General Partner at Healthspan Capital, Founder of and Longevity Marketcap Newsletter.

Laurence Ion: Co-Founder of Vitalia, former Steward at VitaDAO, leading longevity biotech activist. See Laurence's Vitalia presentation at the Network State Conference.

Niklas Anzinger: Co-Founder of Vitalia, General Partner at Infinita Fund, host of the Stranded Technologies Podcast.

Martin Ducker, PhD: CEO of Juvenescence Life, the consumer health company part of Juvenescence. Martin joined Juvenescence in 2018 and has held a number of roles spanning business development, operations, and R&D. Prior to Juvenescence, he worked for the Government Office For Science, MannBio Invest, Applied Strategies, and St. James's Place plc. Martin completed his DPhil in the Department of Physiology Anatomy and Genetic at the University of Oxford and MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise from the University of Cambridge.

Greg Nakagawa: CEO of Pristine Regenerative Medicine Nexus, a Prospera-based global center for advanced clinical research and patient care. CEO of Radiant Health Solutions, regenerative medicine company delivering amniotic membrane allografts for wound healing.

Paolo Binetti, PhD: Core Team at VitaDAO, Venture Fellow at Healthspan Capital, Expert at Capital Cell, Strategist at Native Strategy. Former space industry manager and rocket scientist converted to longevity biotech. PhD in Controls, Robotics, and Bioengineering, Specialization in Bioinformatics.

Jack Scannell, PhD: CEO of Etheros Pharmaceuticals which is developing fullerene-based chemistry in a range of neuroprotective and longevity applications. He coined the term “Eroom’s Law” to contrast the exponential decline in biopharmaceutical R&D productivity between 1950 and 2010 with the more familiar Moore’s Law, which described the exponential increase in computing power over a similar period. (Presentation)

Jack was Co-Head of European Pharmaceuticals and Biotech at UBS Investment Research and Head of European Healthcare at Sanford Bernstein. He led Discovery Biology at E-Therapeutics PLC, an Oxford-based biotech firm. He started his commercial career at the Boston Consulting Group. Before that, he was an academic neuroscientist. He has a D.Phil. in Physiology (Neuroscience) from Oxford and a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Sciences from Cambridge.

Dr Glenn C. Terry, MD: Board-certified Orthopedic Surgeon and founder of the GARM Clinic (Global Alliance for Regenerative Medicine) in Roatan/Prospera. Formerly Head Physician at the Olympics medical committee, a leading sports medicine and athletics surgeon at the Hughston Clinc.

Matthew Scholz, CEO of Oisin Bio. CEO of OncoSenX. Co-founder of Aegis Life. Founder of Immusoft Corp. A serial entrepreneur with a background in computer security and immunology, Matt is also the founder and CEO of Immusoft, a biotech firm developing a breakthrough technology that will turn a patient's B cells into miniature drug factories. He served for several years as a mentor to recipients of the Thiel Fellowship. Oisin Bio presentation video.

Michael West PhD, Author of "The Immortal Cell," "The Handbook of Stem Cells," and "The Future of Aging." Dr West was the first longevity biotech founder (Geron Corp), and also served as CEO of Advanced Cell Technology, BioTime, and AgeX Therapeutics. Leading researcher on telomeres and stem cell biology.

Robin Mansukhani is the CEO and Co-Founder of Deciduous Therapeutics, a venture-backed start-up developing novel immunotherapies for aging and senolysis.

Jose Cordeiro, MBA, PhD is a Venezuelan-Spanish engineer, economist, futurist, and transhumanist, who has worked on areas including economic development, international relations, Latin America, the European Union, monetary policy, comparison of constitutions, energy trends, cryonics, and life extension. BSc and MSc in Mechanical Engineering at MIT and MBA from INSEAD. He is author of 12 books on international political economy, and recently published "The Death of Death (La Muerte De La Muerte)" with David Wood.

Reason: Co-founder and CEO of Repair Biotechnologies. Investor in Oisin Biotechnologies and Leucadia Therapeutics. Involved with Methuselah Foundation and SENS Research Foundation since the early 2000s. He is also the founder and writer of Fight Aging!, a noted news and commentary website in the biotechnology community. He holds Masters degrees in Astrophysics from the University of St. Andrews and Space Physics from Rice University.

Tyler Golato is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Molecule AG, a platform to facilitate decentralized, modular, and collaborative drug development. Tyler co-founded VitaDAO, PsyDAO, and, organizations focused on new paradigms for funding and advancing translational drug development in various therapeutic areas. Tyler previously completed a fellowship at the National Institute on Aging (NIH/NIA/IRP) in the Laboratory of Molecular Gerontology under Dr. David M. Wilson III and Dr. Vilhelm Bohr where his work focused on DNA damage and repair.

John Cumbers PhD, CEO of SynBioBeta. As a former NASA bioengineer with a PhD in molecular biology, John Cumbers is the Founder & CEO of SynBiobeta. In his role, John is known for hosting the largest annual conference and trade show for the synthetic biology industry. He also writes the weekly SynBioBeta synthetic biology newsletter, hosts the SynBioBeta podcast, and is the author of the book "What’s Your Biostrategy?" With a vision for the future, John is also the founder of Beta.Space, an innovation network focused on how humanity can build sustainable, thriving ecosystems off-planet.

Josh Mitteldorf, PhD, is an aging researcher with a background in theoretical physics (PhD UPenn, BS Harvard). Since the 1990s, he is best known for his contributions to the biology of aging, including many academic articles and two books ("Cracking the Aging Code" and "Aging Is A Group-Selected Adaptation"). He blogs for about aging and related matters and Experimental Frontiers on subjects at the edge of scientific discovery. DataBETA is his present scientific project, a survey study using methylation technology to evaluate pro-longevity.

Yuta Lee founded Accelerated Biosciences Corp commercialize the pluripotent human trophoblast stem cell (hTSC) platform. His father, Professor Jau-Nan Lee, had isolated and characterized hTSC in 2003. To date, Accelerated Biosciences has been awarded 49 patents worldwide. Yuta also served as the President of ZMI Electronics, a Taiwan based medical device company.  ZMI provided OEM and ODM services to all of the largest physiotherapy brands in the United States and European Union. Prior to ZMI, Yuta worked for 8 years in the insurance industry for companies such as Chubb Group and American International Group (AIG). Yuta has dual B.A. degree in economics and legal studies from the University of California, Berkeley.  Yuta earned his MBA in 2009 from China Europe International Business School in Shanghai, China.

Prof Alexandra Stolzing, PhD: >15 years leading R&D across industry & academia. >75 articles on regenerative medicine, neuroscience, bioengineering. Full professor at Wolfson Institute of Engineering at Loughborough Uni. Formerly VP at SENS Research Foundation, VP at BioAge Labs, CSO at Precious Cells Ltd, group leader at University of Leipzig, Dept of Cell Therapy at Fraunhofer, postdoc in tissue engineering, PhD at Humbolt Uni Berlin on microglial aging. Advisor to the Longevity Biotech Fellowship and VitaDAO.

Stijn Heessen is the Chief Operations Officer of Alder Therapeutics. As COO, he is responsible for business development, contracting, regulatory and clinical strategy, and health economics and market access activities for Alder’s cell therapy pipeline. Prior to Alder, Stijn spent more than 12 years in senior global business development and licensing positions in the pharmaceutical sector, working for companies such as Perrigo Consumer Selfcare International, Sanofi Consumer Healthcare, and Boehringer Ingelheim.  Stijn has an MSc in biomedical sciences from Utrecht University, a Ph.D. in cell and tumour biology from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, and held post-doctoral positions at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research and the Netherlands Cancer Institute.

Alejandro Ocampo is co-founder of EPITERNA SA, focused on epigenetic reprogramming for age reversal. He pioneered early research on the in vivo Yamanaka reprogramming field at the Salk Institute. He obtained his PhD in 2012 from the University of Miami. Between 2013 and 2017, he carried out a postdoc with Juan Carlos Izpisua-Belmonte where he demonstrated the amelioration of age-associated hallmarks by partial in vivo reprogramming. In August 2018, he joined the University of Lausanne in Switzerland where he continues his research on aging and cellular reprogramming. In June 2022, he co-founded EPITERNA SA aiming at the translation of discovery in the field of longevity to help pets and people live longer and healthier lives.

Dr. Kelsey Moody is a process-oriented drug developer and executive who has specialized in the study of aging and aging mechanisms for over a decade. Since 2013, Dr. Moody has successfully built Ichor Life Sciences (formerly Ichor Therapeutics) from a living room start-up into a premier, vertically integrated research organization focused on drug discovery and development for pathways of aging. R&D initiatives that constitute Ichor's portfolio companies span enzyme therapy, small molecules, antibody mimetics, contract research services and a strategic investment fund. Dr. Moody holds a PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology from University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine and an MBA in risk management from Concordia University.

Ashley Zehnder, PhD is a Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fauna Bio. Ashley has been recognized for her work by the SF Business Times Women Who Lead in Life Sciences, an Emerging Woman Founder in Bio by the Wave Summit, as well as representing Fauna Bio for the Fortune AI Minute. She has spoken at numerous events promoting the use of AI and novel genomics in drug discovery and mentors early stage founders through her work with On Deck Longevity Biotech and Nucleate Bio. She is a boarded avian veterinarian and her prior research focused on translational science, earning a PhD in Cancer Biology from Stanford. Her research works span >20 peer-reviewed publications, including Cell, Nature and Nature Medicine.

Andy Lee: Co-Founder and CBO of of Vincere Biosciences. Raised $8 million in funding, driving forward four innovative small molecule programs targeting Parkinson's disease, heart failure, and other age-related conditions. Over 20 years software and management experience in multiple industries. Founding CTO at NeuroInitiative where he is co-inventor on multiple granted and pending patents surrounding the SEED simulation platform. Previously VP of Engineering at Black Knight through F500 acquisition, spin-out, and IPO. He has led teams of over 100 members and continues to actively code to create new data-driven solutions.

Ivan Morgunov: CEO of Longaevus Technologies. Ivan leads Longaevus Technologies in its mission to explore new and diverse pathways to healthy longevity with longer lifespan and fewer chronic diseases. He has 5+ years of experience in leading successful projects and start-ups. Ivan developed an interest in longevity about 7 years ago, and since then has been searching for the right team that would possess deep understanding of the field and share his views on the multidirectional approach when it comes to ageing reversal.

Peter Fedichev, PhD: Co-founder of Gero, a data-driven longevity biotech company that develops new drugs against aging and other complex diseases using AI-platform. An author of 75+ published papers in multiple domain areas, including publications in Science and Nature Communications. Ph.D. from the University of Amsterdam.

Emily Welsch, Founder & CEO of Clinbook, a clinical trial software company focused on rapidly accelerating clinical study startup by leveraging data algorithms and AI. Former Director of Corporate Development & Strategic Partnerships for a boutique life science management consulting firm serving startups to Fortune 500 biotech, pharma, and medtech companies. Former Senior Knowledge Engineer at Amazon Alexa. Chemist by training (MA in Organic & Polymer Chemistry). Business Advisor at Women’s Economic Ventures, angel investor, and mentor to a variety of startup accelerators and incubators. More information at

Dylan Wenzlau: Founder & CEO of Guava, the most comprehensive personal health platform. Founder of meme generation platform Imgflip. Angel investor. Engineer.

Natalie Coles is Chief Biosampler at R3 Bio and Project Manager for their supercentenarian biobank. Her experience includes 16 years of phlebotomy, focused on the world’s oldest people, as well as serving as assistant transplant coordinator in UCLA’s departments of face and limb (for military veterans), liver (adult, pre and post transplant), and multivisceral transplant for both pediatric and adult patients. She also served as chief phlebotomist for multiple supercentenarian projects, including at Stanford and UCLA, as part of the Supercentenarian Research Foundation and the Gerontology Research Group, leading to multiple peer-reviewed publications.

Ana Stankovic, PhD is a co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) of the InoHealth, a Swiss-based company centered on longevity. A scientist by training, Ana specializes in epigenetics, neuroscience, and the biology of aging. She completed her PhD in molecular biology of centromeres at the University of Lisbon and her postdoc at the University of Zurich.  She blends her passion for emerging technologies in the longevity and aging fields with her company-building and venture capital experience.

And more to be announced!


[1] Neo-governance movement: how to create new cities and countries

Balaji Srinivasan “Network State”:

Patri Friedman on competitive governance:

[2] Vitalia presentations:

Laurence Ion talk on Vitalia:

Niklas Anzinger talk on Infinita Fund:

Niklas' Startup Societies graphic:

[3] More on Zuzalu: predecessor to Vitalia

Vitalik’s talk on Zuzalu

Why I Built Zuzalu by Vitalik Buterin

Coverage of Zuzalu by

MIT Tech Review coverage


Prospera is the most advanced private charter city in the world. Prospera is similar to a Special Economic Zone, controlling its own civil code and business regulations — allowing for faster, more efficient advancement in science and technology.

Presentation at The Network State conference by founder Erick Brimen

Excellent guide from Niklas Anzinger:


Roatan Island, Honduras

Beautiful Caribbean island, world mecca for Scuba diving. >1M visitors per year. US entry without visa. Direct flights from many US cities (e.g., American Airways from Miami)

Roatan/Prospera Travel Guide:

Venue: Las Verandas Hotel & Resort


By default, there will be a free shuttle available for conference attendees.

As a backup option, and in case you're in a different part of the island - you need a car, or a taxi (rental recommended, taxis are expensive)
Taxi Options
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Housing: If you want to stay for longer than just the conference, Vitalia has a housing pool - sign up on the official Vitalia Luma and follow the steps so you will receive a housing form:

IMPORTANT: in the question "How did you find out about Vitalia (if a person told you about it, mention them)?" please answer with "Longevity Intro Weeks" so we can prioritise your application

Alternatives for housing shorter-term:

Pineapple Villas: (shuttle available)
Fantasy Island: (shuttle NOT available)

Airbnb,, Vrbo for French Habor, French Key, Parrot Bay are in closer proximity (15m by car); more touristy spots are West End, West Bay and Sanday Bay but these require 40-60m drive by car.

Pristine Bay Beach Club
9GGM+4R8, Pristine Bay, Bay Islands, Honduras