Cover Image for Vitalia 2024: AI & Technological Progress Conference
Cover Image for Vitalia 2024: AI & Technological Progress Conference
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Vitalia 2024: AI & Technological Progress Conference

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Technological shifts inspire hope and fear. The hope of AI is to become a technological accelerant that solves problems of modern life and in nearly all areas of industry - it touches everything.

AI & Technological Progress is one of four themes at Vitalia 2024, a two month pop-up city part of the larger Vitalia movement to start a longevity network society—a multi-jurisdiction society built around “making death optional”.

Following Longevity & Human Improvement (Jan 14 - 20) and Crypto Cities & Network States (Jan 29 - Feb 4), AI & Technological Progress week takes place during the 5th week of Vitalia with a hackathon starting on Monday (Feb 5) for those eager to build.

The weekdays are otherwise reserved for decentralized events and discussions as well as opportunities for visitors to get a taste of life in Vitalia. Friday (Feb 9) kicks off the formal programming with a series of introductory sessions for residents with our official AI & Technological Progress Summit on Saturday (Feb 10).

Schedule at a Glance:

  • February 5-8: Decentralized Events & Discussions

  • February 9: Introductory Sessions

  • February 10: Summit

Conference Subtopics:

  • The 80-Year History of the Final Technology

  • The d/acc Philosophy: Defensive, Decentralized, Democratic, and Differential Technological Acceleration

  • AI x Longevity - How Intelligence Can Extend Life

  • AI x Healthcare - How AI is Revolutionizing Medicine

  • AI x Everything - From Art to Industry

Speakers (more to be announced soon):

  • Robin Hanson

  • Anders Sandberg

  • Peter Fedichev

  • Naval Ravikant

  • Ivan Provilkov

  • Danilo Tomanovic

  • Dan Shiebler

  • Shivani Mitra

  • Grace Ng

  • Aleksei Petrenko

  • Christian Clough

  • Kyle Maclean Smith

  • Piers Shotter

  • Kay Kozaronek

  • Juan

  • Vitalik Buterin*

  • Ben Goertzel*

  • Max More*

  • Michael Huemer*

  • Beff Jezos (Guillaume Verdon)*

  • Ronjon Nag*

  • Masa Keith Nakatsu*

  • José Cordeiro*

  • Gordon Berger*

* virtual


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