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Vitalia - Starting the Frontier City of Life

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EXTENSION: Vitalia now has a permanent Roatán Hub, open all year round! Come join us or extend your stay.

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Vitalia started as a temporary pop-up city. It was a raging success with 400+ people attending, and now it’s becoming a permanent district focused on accelerating longevity companies, supported by crypto, healthcare, hardware, software, and the pro-technology community.

This is the application form for an Access Pass (and waitlist for Vitalia Housing).

Short-term visits are possible (we recommend at least 1 week).

● Visit the website:

⛲ What Is Vitalia?

Vitalia is a pop-up city exploring the foundation of a permanent city where we can live healthier lives, and accelerate progress towards making death optional.

We're bringing 200+ renegade life scientists, artists, biotechnology engineers and an entrepreneurially driven community of people that love life and want to see the future, working together and set the foundations for an epic permanent city to rejuvenate the world.

​This was spawned out of Vitalik Buterin’s pop-up city in Montenegro,

🌟 Why Vitalia Matters?

Longevity is the defining question of humanity.

Biotech R&D and commercial utilization suffer from chronic underfunding and slow progress, due to regulatory systems that lock in old solutions which creates bottlenecks for new ones.

​​However, startup cities and network states, as well as smaller jurisdictions are promising to change the game by developing more permissive, common law-based alternatives.

​This group believes we can utilize Special Economic Zones and medical hubs in various countries, to build a multi-jurisdictional longevity-focused network state.

💬 FAQs – What are the key facts?

We are a community of people who love life and want to live longer.
We enable healthy co-living, with optimized food, accountability partnerships and wellness activities.
We strive to build a permanent city to accelerate innovation and make death optional.

  • Location: Caribbean island of Roatán, in and around Próspera, a Special Economic Zone with legal and regulatory autonomy.

  • Duration: Forever

  • Cost:

    • Vitalia Access Pass: $500.

    • Vitalia Housing: See pricing options here.

    • *Honduran nationals receive a further discount; if you’re local to Roatán, feel free to visit for a day to see if you like it at no cost.

    • ​*Financial assistance is available.

  • Work Compatibility: Vitalia is not a conference with scheduled activities - rather a co-working and co-living camp; participants can do their full-time work from here.

  • Accommodation: Priority housing is given to those staying longer. Shorter stays (1 day to 2+ weeks), including participants with their own accommodation, can still join the experience if they purchase a Vitalia Access Pass.

  • Family-Friendly: A Montessori school and childcare services are available.

  • Local Community: Roatán has a diverse community accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

  • Acceleration of Longevity Innovation: Vitalia, long-term, aims to eliminate bureaucratic roadblocks to speed up clinical trials and lower costs to access healthcare.

Have more questions? Check out our Wiki here →

See you in Vitalia!