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Join us for a 2-month pop-up city to explore the foundation of Vitalia - a permanent city where we can live healthier longer lives, and accelerate progress towards making death optional.

It will harbour renegade life scientists, artists, biotechnology engineers and an entrepreneurially driven community of people that love life and want to see the future.

January 6 - March 1, 2024 on the Caribbean island of Roatan.

This was spawned into existence out of Vitalik Buterin’s pop-up city in Montenegro,


Longevity is the defining question of humanity.

​​However, biotech R&D and commercial use are chronically underfunded and slow, due to legacy regulatory systems that lock in old solutions and create bottlenecks for new ones.

​​Solutions such as medical reciprocity, sunset clauses and right-to-try legislation are only distant ideas - the status quo is hard-coded into the fabric of society through strict legislation.

​​However, startup cities and network states, as well as smaller jurisdictions are promising to change the game by developing more permissive, common law-based alternatives.

​This group believes we can utilize Special Economic Zones and medical hubs in Latin American countries, to build a multi-jurisdictional longevity-focused network state.


We aim to bring 100+ biotech and healthcare-focused entrepreneurs, scientists and enthusiasts together for 2 months on Roatan to live together, work together and set the foundations for an epic mission to rejuvenate the world.

Niklas on the Longevity Network State on "Making Time":

Laurence on the "Stranded Technologies Podcast":

The VitaDAO Twitter Space on Starting a Longevity City:


What are the key facts?

  • Location: Vitalia 2024 will be hosted in Próspera, a Special Economic Zone on the island of Roatan, Honduras.

  • Duration: The pop-up city experience encourages a minimum stay of 1 month, with a focus on participants willing to spend at least 2 months.

  • Cost: Room pricing ranges from $1,000 to $3,000 per month, including accommodation and shared amenities like a gym and shared cars.

  • Who's Coming: The resident profile consists of scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, and thinkers specializing in fields like longevity biotechnology, healthcare, and decentralized governance.

  • Work Compatibility: Vitalia is not a conference; participants are encouraged to bring their work with them.

  • Amenities: The package includes medium-range private suites, free-use facilities like a gym and pool, on-site healthcare, and logistical services like car pooling.

  • Additional Services: Childcare services and a variety of wellness activities organized by residents are available.

  • Local Community: Roatan has a diverse and friendly local community with many accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

  • Acceleration of Longevity Innovation: Vitalia, long-term, aims to eliminate bureaucratic roadblocks to speed up clinical trials and lower costs in the longevity field.

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** Very few spots left. Prices increase by $750 after Dec 5th **