Cover Image for studio sprints #001 | lab auto with david (berkeley a-lab, deepmind collab)
Cover Image for studio sprints #001 | lab auto with david (berkeley a-lab, deepmind collab)
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studio sprints #001 | lab auto with david (berkeley a-lab, deepmind collab)

Hosted by michael
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San Francisco, California
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About Event

people who want to build up physical strength or agility have gyms + stuff.

what about people who want to build the future?

we're prototyping the equinox like gym environment for innovators who want to build interesting projects, start something new, and meet other builders.

come join this studio sprint if you want to:

  • explore what the next big thing is in lab automation

  • meet potential co-founders + collaborators

  • get feedback and training different innovation skills (mental models, r+d, design, pitching)

the tl'dr

  • 3hr sprint to explore "what's the next big thing in lab auto?"

  • we have room for 10-25 people. all experience levels welcome. geared towards some techincal background in software, bio, and/or hardware

  • we're focused on future of ai + hardware + bio. the biggest opportunities are not software only applications

this is for you if you are

  1. a curious explorer. you have a technical background in bio, software, and/or hardware and want to explore new applications in lab automation. all skill levels welcome.

  2. an ambitious builder. you are currently bored/frustrated in big tech and want to work on something more innovative. maybe you are looking for your next role or to start something.

  3. a future founder. you know you want to build in automation and are looking for co-founders, team members, and validate proof of concept.


the goal is to explore emerging areas of tech + science to answer the question: "what is the next big thing in lab automation?"

  • 11:00a-11:10a - kickoff

  • 11:10a-11:30a - intros + warm up

    • founder mental model intro

    • skillset intro

  • 11:30a-1:30p - r+d sprint in teams

  • 1:30p-2:00p - pitch + feedback

  • optional open studio time after

this event is one in a series

here's the series:

more about the team running this

  • michael has run accelerators the last 10+ years across harvard, tks, and cornell. he's helped founders raise $150M+ for ambitious builds like non invasive glucose monitoring, lab grown cotton, preventative wildfire tech, and more.

  • david is a lab systems engineer at the berkeley national lab. he worked on the a-lab collab with google deepmind that was recently published in nature.


  1. will we be building with hardware?

    • most likely not. this is an r+d sprint. there may be enough time to make design mock ups or software proof of concepts. if you want to work with actual hardware, then come join for the hardware hack june 22-23.

  2. i don't have direct experience in lab automation, is that okay?

    • yes, we designed this event to be modular for people coming in from other industries and different technical backgrounds.

  3. i have more questions, what can i do?

thanks studio 45 for the space!

studio 45 is a clubhouse for people building physical products and hardware. located in bernal heights, it provides the workspace, tools, resources, and community to build a business making physical products. learn more about their new 2024 community membership here.

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San Francisco, California
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