Cover Image for ai in motion - lab automation 24hr hardware hack
Cover Image for ai in motion - lab automation 24hr hardware hack

ai in motion - lab automation 24hr hardware hack

Hosted by michael, Jascha & Luis Villa
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San Francisco, California
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About Event

we're bringing together the best of the bay area ai, hardware, and bio communities to explore solving challenges in lab automation.

**no pre-reqs. all scientists, product designers, software, and hardware engineers welcome**

everyone joining will be expected to demo something by end of the weekend.

we'll have some hardware, robots, and labware:

  • liquid handler - be the first to try Opentrons Robotics' Generative AI Beta translating scientific protocols into python protocols

  • tele-operational robot - use a mobile plate handler via Mass Melt for automating bench and intrumentation workflows

  • robotic microscope - provided by cephla.

**you can also bring your own hardware.** some things we recommend: cameras, meta headset, apple vision pro, microcontrollers, or other hardware.

we welcome all skill levels and can support 100+ builders.

🔑 you must be able to stay through demo on sunday to participate.


if you're curious to explore problems and challenges in lab automation before the hack, check out these weekly sprints.

06/22 saturday

  • ​9:30a check in + breakfast

  • ​10:00a kickoff with gautam, cto of opentrons and other guest speakers

  • ​11:00a finalize teams

  • ​12:00p hack + build #1

  • ​6:00p dinner + round table talks

  • ​7:00p hack + build #2

  • ​12:00a midnight snack

02/25 sunday

  • ​11a final submissions

  • ​12p-2p pitching, judges, and showcase

**👉 register for showcase here **

thank you to our sponsors for helping make it happen!

  • Studio45 is a clubhouse and coworking space for professionals building physical products.

  • RunPod is a gpu cloud platform for training and scaling inference on ai models. cloud credits offerered to each team.

hardware partners

  • Opentrons Robotics, a business unit of Opentrons Labworks, Inc., is the industry leader in flexible, user-friendly automation for life science labs. Our open-source ecosystem offers the scientific community the tools they need to automate experiments, share protocols and reproduce each other's results. Check out their AI beta release coming soon.

  • Cephla is a new spinout that builds open and scalable automated bespoke microscopes with the goal of accelerating discoveries and solutions. Cephla’s products are already being used in top research institutes, leading pharma and biotech companies and fast growing startups. 

  • Massmelt is a diverse set of hardware product development services dedicated to supporting organizations as they build their vision of the future.

community partners

  • Bay area lab automators is a community of scientists, engineers, and tinkerers working at the intersection of hardware, software, and lab innovation.

  • SF Hardware Meetup, community of 9,500+ hardware professionals meeting monthly to building meaningful connections

  • Monomer Bio has built a scientifically aware, automated cell development software platform. Their customers culture and engineer stem cells, T cells, and organoids to grow disease models as close as possible to human as well as to develop new cell and gene therapies. Scientists are able to 14x their concurrent culture-plate capacity per operator within 2 months of using the platform. Learn more at

  • SF Deep Tech Week - a week of events hosted by VCs and startups to build community in the Deep Tech ecosystem.

prize partners

  • more soon.

if you want to help sponsor this event or volunteer send us a note -

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San Francisco, California