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Orbis86 & Hedera: Future of Tech: Web3 X AI - Meet & Greet

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New York, New York
Past Event
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​Hello friends. We are at capacity for this event 💜

​Embark on a tech-forward journey with Orbis86 at "Future of Tech: Web3 x AI- Meet & Greet," with esteemed partners, Yorkseed as a captivating event during NFT.NYC in New York. Sponsored by Hedera, join us as we delve into the latest trends and opportunities alongside investors, enterprises, and founders.

​Explore how pioneers spearhead innovation, bringing diverse perspectives and transformative ideas to the forefront of technology.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to be part of the dialogue shaping the future of technology in NYC! Plus, enjoy hot snacks and soft drinks served during networking sessions.

🚀 PS: We will prioritize accepting those who are active in our Telegram group for the remaining open slots. Catch us on TG to get approved!



​Step into an immersive experience at our event, where hosts, co-hosts, and sponsors extend a warm welcome to all participants. Be introduced to enlightening discussions, networking opportunities, and visionary insights into the tech landscape.


​Immerse yourself in captivating panel discussions, Fireside chat, and Lightning Talks spotlighting industry experts and visionary leaders.

​Fireside chat

​Elaine Song, VP-Strategy, The HBAR Foundation
Michael Kantor, Founder, TierBot AI
David Berlind, Editor-in-Chief, Blockchain Journal

​Panel 1: Women in Web3 & AI

​Sandy Carter, Chief Operating Officer, Unstoppable Domains
Genevieve Leveille, Founder & CEO, AgriLedger
Alison Rooney, Global Head of Capital Markets Partnerships & Alliances lead, Google Cloud
Soniya Ahuja, Founder & CEO, Orbis86

​Panel 2: Investors Panel

​Raymond Yu, Token Marketing Manager, Republic Crypto
Lou Kerner, Founder, CryptoOracle
Nisa Amolis, Managing Partner, A 100x Ventures
Vineet Budki,Managing Partner & CEO, Cypher Capital
Dimple Dhawan, Associate, Alinea Ventures

​Lightning Talk & Performance

​Aasim Rasheed, Artist & Founder, Gold Hive (10 mins Performace)
Athr, Futurist Artist & Architect
Wayne Marcel, Head of Growth, FIO Protocol

​Networking with F&B

​Connect, Collaborate, and Catalyze! Don't miss the opportunity to engage with Web3 thought leaders and fellow enthusiasts during our event's networking session. Plus, enjoy refreshments as you forge valuable connections, exchange ideas, and become a vital part of the digital revolution.


​Hedera is an open source, leaderless proof-of-stake network. Hedera’s robust ecosystem is built by a global community, on a network governed by a diverse council of industry-leading organizations, including abrdn, Australian Payments Plus, Avery Dennison, BitGo, Boeing, Chainlink Labs, COFRA Holdings, DBS Bank, Dell, Dentons, Deutsche Telekom, DLA Piper, EDF (Électricité de France), Google, Hitachi America, IBM, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), LG Electronics, The London School of Economics (LSE), Magalu, Mondelēz International, Nomura Holdings, ServiceNow, Shinhan Bank, Standard Bank Group, Swirlds, Tata Communications, Ubisoft, University College London (UCL), Wipro, WorldPay, and Zain Group.

​For more information, visit, or follow us on Twitter at @hedera, Telegram at, or Discord at The Hedera whitepaper can be found at


​​Orbis86 is a pioneering Utility-as-a-Service leader, revolutionizing Web3 innovation. Our distinct approach ensures that newcomers are engaged through avenues that align with their personal interests and preferences. We prioritize inclusivity by being chain agnostic, aiming to establish a unified cross-chain ecosystem that fosters seamless interaction and collaboration across diverse blockchain networks.

​Throughout the calendar year, Orbis86 conducts various events in cities around the globe. These gatherings serve as platforms for individuals to learn, discuss, and immerse themselves in Web3 and AI topics, creating a community of like-minded individuals.

​Additionally, the platform's strength is amplified by its extensive partner network. These partners, aligned with Orbis86's mission, focus on meaningful onboarding in Web3 and AI, together striving to provide users with a comprehensive understanding and practical insights into these emerging digital landscapes.


​Yorkseed™, founded by Jessica Sophia Wong, is an exclusive global venture community connecting founders and investors, fostering connections across diverse markets and expanding through global hubs. Originating from a viral spreadsheet at the SXSW conference, we've rapidly grown to over 1.8k members across 18 global city hubs in less than a year. Our newsletter, just 10 months old, has attracted over 2.8k subscribers globally, including Angels, VCs, Family Offices, and more. With 10 exclusive global events hosted across 3 countries and 4 cities, our expansion continues.

Whether you're an entrepreneur seeking support or an investor exploring emerging opportunities, Yorkseed provides a platform to connect, share knowledge, and navigate the startup ecosystem.

​​Langrenus Fund

​The Langrenus Fund was established by professionals with backgrounds at Google, Uber, and OKX, targeting investments in early-stage projects, incubation, and value-added services. With a focus on Web3 and AI, the team boasts global coverage and a track record of over 20 showcases, supporting founders from inception to launch and beyond. The Langrenus Fund welcomes collaborations, ideas, and inquiries from anyone deeply invested in the industry.


​The Mobile Growth Association (MGA) stands as a beacon for mobile app marketers worldwide, committed to fostering their professional development through the largest online and in-person Summit series dedicated to their growth. With a focus on equipping its community with essential tools, knowledge, and invaluable networking opportunities, MGA empowers app marketers to advance their careers and businesses. Positioned as a preeminent mobile user acquisition, growth, and monetization think tank, MGA leads the charge in shaping the mobile industry landscape. Through its array of events held globally throughout the year, MGA convenes a cadre of industry leaders, facilitating discourse on best practices, emerging trends, and pivotal shifts in the mobile arena. Membership applications are open to aspiring app publishers seeking to leverage the association's resources and expertise.


​The Coin Republic, birthed amidst the transformative wave of cryptocurrency, emerges as a guiding light in the digital revolution that has redefined the global financial panorama. In the genesis of virtual currencies, where the initial spark kindled a flame that now outshines even the most established monetary forms, The Coin Republic has evolved into a powerhouse within the domain of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and altcoin news.


​CoinBrit News is a leading source in the UK and globally for cryptocurrency news, dedicated to providing its readers with the most accurate and up-to-date information. With a foundation built on transparency and honesty, the outlet is distinguished by its commitment to unbiased reporting and in-depth, fact-based articles. Boasting a team of experienced writers and researchers, CoinBrit ensures that every piece of content is not only informative but also reflective of the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape.


​With an impressive user base of nearly 15 million, Voice of Crypto stands as a powerhouse in delivering cutting-edge news and content in the Web3, crypto, and blockchain domains. Established in 2021, VOC has quickly become a go-to source for crypto enthusiasts, unraveling the complexities of Web3, cryptographic technology, privacy, security, fintech, and more.

​​ | | | | | | | | | CryptoBabes | Filecoin Foundation |

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New York, New York
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Web3 and AI events hosted by Orbis86 globally | 35k+ followers across Twitter, Discord, Newsletter | 4000+ people hosted | 15+ Events hosted
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