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Intersection of Web3 & AI w Aptos CEO

Hosted by Soniya | Orbis86
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This epic CryptoMondays Palo Alto will feature a fireside chat hosted by Lou Kerner, the Founder of CryptoMondays, with two of the smartest people in the world on the intersection of crypto and AI including:

Eric Bravick - Head of AI For the CryptoOracle Collective, a decentralized web3 advisory service. Eric has 30+ years of AI related experience and 12+ in Web3 as a CEO, CTO, V.P. of Engineering, Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) and Managing Partner of multiple corporations in multiple industries. In that time he helped to designed, built, and run complex information processing systems (mostly Internet facing) for many "Global 2000" companies and many "fast rising" smaller companies and startups.

Mo Shaikh - CEO and Cofounder of Aptos a layer 1 protocol built with safety and user experience in mind, enabling developers to build scalable, future-proof applications. Mo's a 3x founder with over a decade of multinational financial services and blockchain/crypto experience. In the past, Mo has led blockchain Strategic Partnerships for Novi, Facebook’s wallet. Mo was also the Founder and CEO of Meridio, a ConsenSys-backed, blockchain-based company that issued the world’s first fractional share of real estate. Mo also led ConsenSys' strategy as an early employee and founded the ConsenSys’ Middle East Office.

As always, we'll leave plenty of time for networking after the fireside chat.