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Web3 Holiday Food Drive

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San Francisco, California
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Join us to give back!

A Web3 holiday food drive to support the local food banks will bring together Web3 experts and evangelists. A panel followed by networking, food, and drinks. More info to follow shortly.

This event is a pre-cursor to NFT SF

The Food Drive will benefit Good Shepherd as they prepare to serve the community during the holidays.

Welcome Reception

Join us for a warm Welcome Reception as we kick off our Web3 holiday food drive in style! Connect with Web3 experts and enthusiasts, enjoy a panel discussion, and indulge in food and drinks. Let's come together to make a difference.

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Panel Discussion


Dan Cordie, Co-founder of Artists Building Communities
Dan Cordie, a seasoned Creative Digital Marketer, channels his 10+ years of experience into tackling the US housing crisis. He's an advocate for innovative Web3 and NFT solutions, dedicated to driving positive change.

Dr. Victor Santiago, Executive Chairman of The Victor Pineda Foundation / World Enabled and Contributor to Agroverse
Dr. Victor Santiago Pineda, a global human rights expert and visionary entrepreneur, leads impactful initiatives in inclusive smart cities. With two presidential appointments, he's transforming the world through innovation and resilience.

Patti Pan, CEO and Co-founder of ETCHEVE
Patti Pan, a seasoned creator economy entrepreneur, launched RevArt and Etcheve after her role as a senior manager in a Fortune 500 company. Her expertise spans art and technology, and she actively engages as a curator, gallerist, and non-profit art organization board member.

Michelle Leonard-Bell, Executive Director of Mission Hiring Hall
Michelle serves as the Executive Director of Mission Hiring Hall, a pivotal organization aiding San Francisco's low-income residents and local employers since 1971. Their recent integration of AI training equips underserved communities with cutting-edge skills for the changing job landscape.


Soniya Ahuja, Founder & CEO of Orbis86
Soniya Ahuja, a Web3 and crypto leader with 20 years of experience, empowers through Orbis86. Her initiatives, like the 1111 Orbisons NFT collection, promote diversity and community engagement. She hosts "The Silicon Dreams," inspiring innovators in AI, ML, and Web3.


Connect, Collaborate, and Catalyze! Don't miss the opportunity to engage with Web3 thought leaders and fellow enthusiasts during our event's networking session. Forge valuable connections, exchange ideas, and be part of the digital revolution.

At LBank Labs, we thrive on the power of connections and believe in fostering strong relationships within the industry. We're not your average exchange - while LBank boasts a massive global user base of over 9 million, LBank Labs operates independently in both structure and approach, using a Venture Fund model to drive our investments in funds, primary projects, and liquid projects. With a protocol and exchange-agnostic mindset, we're committed to supporting projects through direct funding, acceleration, incubation, and unparalleled networking within our web.

And with $100 million AUM currently under our belt, we're well-equipped to help startups take flight. But that's not all - our Fund of Fund network, which includes a whopping 12 funds as of Q1 2023, opens doors to direct communication with $1 Billion+ AUM. And with operations and offices spanning 7 global regions - from San Francisco to Dubai to Shanghai and beyond - we're in a prime position to keep building this network together.

​Orbis86 is an onboarding platform that seamlessly blends the worlds of Arts, Entertainment, and Education to introduce users to the realms of Web3 and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our distinct approach ensures that newcomers are engaged through avenues that align with their personal interests and preferences.

​Throughout the calendar year, Orbis86 conducts various events in cities around the globe. These gatherings serve as platforms for individuals to learn, discuss, and immerse themselves in Web3 and AI topics, creating a community of like-minded individuals.

​Additionally, the platform's strength is amplified by its extensive partner network. These partners, aligned with Orbis86's mission, focus on meaningful onboarding in Web3 and AI, together striving to provide users with a comprehensive understanding and practical insights into these emerging digital landscapes.

OffChain is a global networking community for blockchain and crypto enthusiasts that started in 2017. OffChain welcomes a wide range of like-minded people, from blockchain developers, to crypto VC’s; from miners and quant traders, to people who just own a little bitcoin. We welcome everyone who has an interest in blockchain and crypto. OffChain aims to have a base of regular social gatherings sometimes with speakers or just to mingle in from time-to-time.

Agroverse is a TrueSight DAO project.

Agroverse is a TrueSight DAO project and will be sponsoring hot chocolate sourced directly from cacao farmers in Brazil for the event.

At its core, Agroverse is all about forging pathways to social justice and environmental sustainability. We believe in providing micro-producer farmers with fair and equitable opportunities while promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

What sets our project apart is its groundbreaking use of blockchain technology. This enables a level of transparency in our supply chain that's unparalleled. We've established a direct-to-consumer distribution network for sustainably grown agricultural produce, ensuring that you know precisely where your food comes from and who it supports. Together, we're shaping a more equitable and eco-conscious future.

Join us in our mission for a brighter, greener, and more socially just world. To learn more about our project, visit Our Website and connect with us on Instagram. Your support is a pivotal step towards our vision of a sustainable and fair future.


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San Francisco, California
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