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Thriving at Startups: Nailing the Big Tech to Startup Transitions

Hosted by Vinamrata
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About the Workshop:

Startup PMing is a tough job. You have a ton of responsibility, limited resources, and no support. It can be especially challenging coming from a big company, as the new environment can feel like a culture shock. Some days, it feels like a fight to survive your back to back to back Zoom meetings.

I'm Vinamrata, and I've worked at multiple startups (including one where I led product) after working at Google and Thumbtack. I've spent the last few years distilling my learnings, and I want to share them with y'all so you're not just surviving your startup role, but thriving. Specifically, we will cover:

  • Mental models, context, and knowledge: I want you to understand how startup and big co PMing are different so you have a clear lay of the land. This is especially useful for folks considering startups who might not know what startup product roles look like.

  • Leverage your value: Many startup founders push their PMs to "let go" of their big company instincts. I want to help you understand how to use your superpowers as a big tech PM to become a multifaceted and even more successful startup PM.

  • Action plan: Throughout the two hours, we'll work together to build your action plan of tactical steps you can take to thrive in your startup journey. You'll get ideas/suggestions from me and a community of peers inthe same transition.

  • (Bonus) Slack Community: the work continues after the workshop! As you apply your action plan and run into new challenges, you'll have me and your cohort to lean on for advice and support.

  • (Bonus) Post event recording: if you ever want to go back to the content or anything else from the workshop, you'll have the recording :)

Testimonials (for previous workshops):

I really enjoyed Vinamrata's workshop on figuring out chaos in career. I definitely feel that learn to be comfortable with chaos is helpful in whichever field. There can be team not collaborating, company is not working well, team is not having great atmosphere, so the only thing we can do is finding a way to live with it. - PM @ Microsoft.

Thank you for running this [workshop]... I can tell this is helping to calm some doubts I've had about changing my work situation to get out of from some recent bad chaos. - Senior PM, B2B SaaS startup

My Startup Journey (and why I made this):

When I first transitioned to a startup after having spent three years in big tech, I grossly underestimated the amount of culture shock. Things constantly felt chaotic and overwhelming, which made me feel like I was the problem, and made me question whether I could handle it.

After multiple startup roles (including one where I led product), I've realized that the problem wasn't my capabilities, but my lack of context on my new environment. Startups are a uniquely different beast, and I needed to respect and understand that. I wanted to take this learning to help other product managers making a similar transition avoid the mistakes I made, and find a community of their peers to lean on for support, something that would have made my startup experience so so so much better.

Thus, this workshop was born!

My Bio:

Vinamrata Singal is a lead product manager at Match, where she leads the consumer experience teams. She's also a leadership and product coach, helping mid-career product leaders navigate career transitions. She also created and led the Managing Chaos in Tech workshop, which had 50+ signups and rating of 4.2/5. Prior to that, she was head of product at Landis and senior PM at Propel, and a PM at Google & Thumbtack. She received her Bachelor's in Computer Science from Stanford University. In her spare time, she loves to write fiction, cook, read, yoga, and travel. 

Housekeeping notes:

  • ​This is a workshop for product managers, but many of the lessons are applicable to other disciplines (ex: eng, design, analytics, user research)

  • If financial hardship is an issue, please reach out to me and we'll work something out.

    • If you want to get this workshop reimbursed, I can provide you with a receipt/invoice. Please reach out.

  • There are no refunds for this workshop. If for some reason you can't make it, I can share the material with you afterwards and offer you a 30 minute 1:1 to go over any questions or feedback.

  • ​This is an interactive workshop, meaning that there will be some participation required from the attendees.

    • ​The workshop will also be recorded.