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Good vs Bad Chaos: Making Sense of Chaos in Your Tech Career

Hosted by Vinamrata
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About the Event:

Note: this workshop description is targeted to PM'es but the content is applicable to those who work in any product-oriented role (data science, analytics, engineering, design, research, marketing, and more)

As PMs, we are continuously exposed to chaos, whether it’s within organizations, teams, projects, or relationships. But the amount of chaos can feel so overwhelming to the point you might ask yourself if you are the problem. After all, how much chaos is too much chaos? In this interactive workshop, we’ll deep dive into the nature of chaos and how to think about it, especially as it comes to making the decision to stay vs quit your job an. Specifically, we’ll cover: 

  • How to think about chaos, especially for product managers and others working in tech. 

  • Distinguishing between “good” and “bad chaos” 

  • Understanding the dynamic nature of chaos

  • How to decide if the chaos is too much to stay vs quit at your job

  • Resources to stay even keeled through chaotic times

  • Q&A

About the Organizer:

Vinamrata Singal is a lead product manager at Match, where she leads the consumer experience teams. She's also a leadership and product coach, helping mid-career product leaders navigate career transitions. Prior to that, she was head of product at Landis and senior PM at Propel, and a PM at Google & Thumbtack. She received her Bachelor's in Computer Science from Stanford University. In her spare time, she loves to write fiction, cook, read, yoga, and travel. 

Housekeeping notes:

  • This is a workshop for product managers, but all disciplines (eng, design, analytics, user research, etc.) are welcome!

  • This is an interactive workshop, meaning that there will be some participation required from the attendees.

  • The workshop will also be recorded. If you have issues with that, feel free to contact Vinamrata.

  • This is likely to be the first of a few different series of workshops focused on navigating your PM career. I'll send out a survey afterwards to understand what we can do better for future workshops!