Rosita Usinskyte

Vinyasa Flow Powe Yoga Yin-Yang Breath Work


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Yang&Yin for the anteriour side of the legs, for calf muscles.
Yang&Yin for the knees
moon salutation Yang&Yin for the hips and piriformis
Yang&Yin & Pelvic Tilt
Yang&Yin and Psoas
Yang&Yin Distractions in the Vondelpark
Yang&Yin - L. back
Yang&Yin + Shoulders
Yang&Yin + Ulnar Nerve Glide
Yang&Yin for the shoulders

Vinyasa Flow

Twist flow
Yoga with Rosita for strong arms
The Pigeon Flow
Pigeon flow 2
Pigeon Flow 3
Pigeon Flow 4 + Pelvic Reset

Short classes

Gentle Twists