About Tuwhiri

A publishing imprint created by secular Buddhists in Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia, Tuwhiri is 100 percent owned by Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust, a registered charity.

As well as publishing books on early Buddhism, its retrieval, and secular adaptation to 21st century conditions, the newsletter, ‘Creative Dharma’ is a recent Tuwhiri initiative –

We were also instrumental in helping to create the online course on secular Buddhism that’s available through

A word in te reo Maori, ‘tuwhiri’ means to disclose, reveal, divulge, make known, or a clue, a means of discovering or disclosing something lost or hidden, a hint, a tip, a pointer.

As a social enterprise with no investor shareholders and no need to prioritise profit-making, Tuwhiri is able to focus on its purpose: helping people find meaning in a difficult world.