Anders Abrahamsson

RE:LOVE THE WORLD – Meet Your Fellow Human Being With Love And Respect, And Expect To Be Met With The Same

Hello! My name is Anders! Welcome to my flows of life!

Me, in a nutshell ...

🥋🎶 Aikido&Music - My Core Flows

😊❤️ Peace&Love - My Meaning

🤪🤣 Fun&Humour – My Attitude

🌈🌞 Family&Friends - My Prio № 1

🧘‍♂️🙏 Health&Wellbeing – My Care

🌍☀️ Earth&Climate – My Concerns

🏃‍♂️💥 Moving&Creating – My Being

🎚️🤳 DJ/Prod/Write/Imging – My Main Deeds


⏳🎹 The Pomodoro Mix – My Core Offering

🌐📚 Open Books – My Main Publishing Format

🌊📚 The Flow Books – My Core Book Series

👍✅ Creative Organizing Thru Idealistic Associations – My Main Doings

🖋️🎹 Researching #Music4Health & How it is Researched – My Pro Focus

🏛️💫 Institutional Entrepreneurship – My Research Area In Theory And Thru Practicing

💞💳 Universal Basic Income (UBI) – My Core Reform Issue

🌳⚖️ Revitalizing Democracy with Rule By Natural Law – My Societal Change Focus

... so, with that stated ...

Dearly Beloved, Feel The Warmest Possible Of Welcome to my Community of and for Profound Change! We're in this together. No matter what!

Love Is The Answer. Love Is All You Need.






~ last updated Oct 17, 2022 ~

Change notes:

Well ...

What has been, has been, right?

Right Here!

Right Now!


Panta Rei!

Change, The Only Constant ...



Long Reads of Core Statements to migrate "elsewhere" [work-in-progress] ... Or not? Still pondering ...

... so, in order to "get it" ...

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... and I'll "share" it! Sharing is STILL Caring! Need Over Greed! Generosity In Attitude, Leads to Deeds of Love! 💕


In its essence – in development from its original phrasing in 2001* ...


“There is a long way to go until our world is ‘RE:LOVED’ – meaning a world where you meet your fellow human being with Love and Respect, and you can expect to be met with the same.

But even a thousand mile journey has to begin with one step, as Lao Tze suggests. How do we get there? Well, we have to begin with our selves, and the part of our shared world we feel we have the power to influence.

When this gets affirmed – do embrace our Whole Earth and get one with the Universe, feeling this absolute and unbreakable Force of Love, and we sustain ourselves in this world!

In so doing, Keep Strong! Find Your Meaning! Be Your Self! Do Your Thing! Live Your Change!"


... lastly re:phrased Sep 16, 2022

My Deeds – Music, Writing, Imaging ...

🎧 DJ/Artist/Producer/Composer/A&R/Events ...

📖 Reader/Learner/Writer/Researcher/Author ...

🖼️ Visuals/Photos/Illustrations/Drawings ...

My Music - Artist Aliases ...

~ #aBreathing (meditative/ambient/loving) ... ☯️

~ #aFlow (chillbeatz/lounge/dubby/deep) ... ☕

~ #aPulsation (energetic/hypnotic/techno) ... 💓

~ Papa Abbie (bassy/dnb/reggae/dubstep) ... 🌍

~ DJ Anders (the rest ... Joy of Life through all kinds of music!) ...

... 🎼🎵🎶🎧🎹❗

"Music Lover Since Birth – DJ Since 1977" – Inventor of The Pomodoro Mix

🎚️ All my five artist aliases are on Soundcloud, with curation of music besides my own mixes. Mixes also on Mixcloud. 60m mixes in general for mix conpilations and "storytelling-thru-music". ID: @DJAnders 🤟

⏳ Inventor of the Pomodoro Mix Concept – Work-A-Music to boost your focus, productivity and health, using my #Hashtag Aliases ⤴️ primarily. Suitable for all walks – and runnings! – of life 😊

⌛ 25m (single session), 3x25m (full pomodoro mix set, sometimes 4x25m), or 45m (a "stretch pomodoro") - get shite DONE! ✅

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🎼 Future Producer, Composer and Soundscape Designer – in learning! Follow my Composing Journey, beyond hundreds of ...

1. Radio Shows (in my teens)

2. Live DJ Gigs (kinda everywhere, espec. in Norrköping!) and ...

3. Studio Mixes (heavily, beyond the point music got digitized) from five decades.

📰 Story unfolding, mainly through my Soundcloud Profile at the moment, for outputs and Behind-The-Scenes Writing and Imaging in outlets, yet to be defined! And yes! Bandcamp, intended ... In its Ultimate End, both as Label Cr8or, Composer and Soundscape Designer! Cross fingers ... 🤞

Enjoy! 😊

My Doings – PR, Promoting, Arranging ...

Idealistic Associations ~ My Institutional Entrepreneurship Practices!

🈴🥋 IF DOJO NORRKÖPING – Aikido [PR/Events] – (Est. 1972)

🎹🔊 NEMCOM Nkpg – Music [PR/Events] – Norrköping Electronic Music Community – (Est. 2002)

🏃‍♂️🫀 Tjalve IF Norrköping – Running [Pending Membership] – (Est. 1925)

❤️🌍 RE:LOVE OUR WORLD – a Multi Project Flow Community ... [In Progress] – (To Be Est. 2023)

🌈🌞 The Mika Foundation – a Tribute to Joy of Life for Every Kid, Everywhere! Starting Off – Norrköping! My Son Mika, In Memoriam (28MAY2015---1AUG2019) ... [In Progress] – (To Be Est. 2023)

My Writings – Articles, Books, Papers ...

✍️ Writing is a Paradox. Putting symbols one after another and forming meaning, being captured by you – The Reader – is an art. At the same time – the Writing as such – can be an Art that is done with the "least friction". Just writing ... in Seconds. For better. And sadly, also "for worse" ...

💥 Music? Photos? Images? Paintings? Engineering? Innovating? Organizing? Of these, taking alot of resources and energy to "get your shite together". As a Maker/Creator of any Colo(u)r/Flavo(u)r, still, putting Ideas and Feelings to Words ... is there to be DONE, somehow! Hell Yeah!

🏹 I write with different sub-purposes, in different sub-contexts, with different tonalities, attitude and different energies. Following my overall meaning: Peace & Love!

📖 Fact. Fiction. Satire. Humour. Academic. Poetry. Lyrics. Haikus. Image Captions. Word Art. Research Papers. Opinionated Power Text. Soap Box Speeches in the Written Format. And sometimes I also take words to a Live Speech. As Speaker ...

👥 But just writing for writing's sake, not for me. I want to *interact*! The Conversation! Where my Words become Deeds.

🌊 Writing For Change!

🌍 I write to make someone care both about what's written, and with the deliberate intention to form/spread transformative ideas – leading to profound change in its impact. And I always illustrate with images in one way or another, to transfer my message. Being a very visual person! And I take pride in creating the imaging and visual art myself!

🌐 And yes – all my writings are in CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 Licensing, and when ending up in full books, ISBN, I refer this to be a version of Open Books! Free to share as long as you credit the source, but if you want to sell – contact me first for a deal! I am VERY generous!

🌊 The Flow Books – my first book series! I am in the loop finishing my first formal book publishing – "Ett Liv I Flow" (in Swedish). It has its first full draft done, missing a Prologue and Epilogue and Final Editing ... and when published in full, I intend to adapt it for an English-Speaking audience, with a Deep Cultural Translation – "A Life In Flow"!

❤️ So! With that stated – Welcome to My Words As Deeds!

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"In The Name Of Love ..."


My Research – [Institutional] Entrepreneurship Area > Music For Health and How It Is Researched in a Senior PhD Project ...

tl;dr - Working Title – Senior PhD Project!

"The Birth, Emergence and Manifestation of The 'Cultural Brain Initiative' – A Tale Of Institutional Entrepreneurship In The Quest of Unravelling the 'Music For Health' Mystery"

For the Deepest Nerdery and Main Professional Focus! Keep On Reading – My Personal and Academic Motion, Motive and Drive as Pre-Text to The Re:Search Project(ile) sent as an intended Love Bomb to all futures to come!



As an Academic, my core is and always has been Entrepreneurship Research, mainly following what can be coined the "Scandinavian School of Entrepreneurship Research".

This research milieu at large is in contrast to the main "American" research on-topic. Entrepreneurship in a wider sense than "business creation", where the "entrepreneur-as-super-hero" story is contrasted with realization of ideas and visions through "creative organizing" in a wider sense, beyond the commercial "American Dream" – creating Corporates of "World Dominance" and "Money Making" as ultimate and desired end (in itself).


With deeper and stronger motives beyond commercialization of mainly "hard tech" and/or service innovations – driven by a business-for-profit stance – the 'Scandinavian' entrepreneurship (research scooling) is brought to a more meaningful and deeper phenomenon, driven by social, societal and existential motives – for the long, inter-generational haul.

Also, viewing entrepreneurship as something taking place in a socially and scietally embedded context, contributing to local, regional – and global! – development is a central belonging of the issue at core. A joint doing, driven by teams in cooperation and interacting consciously in social networks is a big part of the research focus, where 'glocality' is a strong view and departure for the (inter)action.

"Think Global, Act Local", anyone?


In addition, claims of "all of us" being potentially entrepreneurial takes place, not being a special trait found within "the few" and "selected".

Instead – focusing the Joy of (Co-)Creation found naturally with our "five year old playful spirit", also with a natural care of others than "me, me, me". Where focus shifts from Person to Process. Homo Ludens, playing together! Having FUN! Yes!!!

So. I ask you:

— "Do you want to play with me ☺️ ❓"

Consider Your Self Invited! Oh yeah!

// Nils Anders William Abrahamsson, 26JUNE1966---> ... INTENDED BEYOND NOV 30, 2078 ... !




Some stuffs have been published, where my Core Contribution so far has been conceptualizing Entrepreneurship for Sustainability – 'Sustainoprenrurship', which resulted in a Wikipedia Entry (2008), linking my publishing, see above ⤴️.

Simply coined, "Business with a Cause"!


The main insight of this research was generated by the inertia found in establishing a business with a sustainability focus, which hit many institutional walls – especially coming to financing! This had led to a shift in focus in my research interest, and need to dig deeper within one core area - 'institutional entrepreneurship' – meaning the creation, change, destabilizing, transforming and de(con)struction of institutions at large.


With this mentioned, an important part of the study of 'Sustainopreneurship' was its methodological stance, where 'enactive research' was used – in short described as 'do', then 'understand' – from practice!


Pairing this with one of my core life fluids and nurturings – living in, with, by, for, along and of Music all my life, as a Sense of Belonging to Something Larger Than Life – I have landed in its deep importance for our health and well-being as a humanity!

In short – "Dearly Beloved Music ... Thank You For Being There When Nobody Else Was"!

So - in emergence since a couple of years is a new research project, focusing the mapping of 'Music For Health' knowledge area, and its main features – in method, content and process!


In this, one particular interest has arisen - the birth, emergence and manifestation of "The Cultural Brain Initiative" at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. There, contributing to create deeper understanding of this perceived mystery - how Music, Health and Well-Being interplays (sic!) – I find it of a very strong interest how this knowledge area entered and found growth in the greater story called "Science Of Health" at large.


In the time of writing (September 2022), a Synopsis is in the making of this research project, done as a Senior PhD, with the greater focus to contribute to an area within Institutional Entrepreneurship, focusing the Change Of and Within (an Established and Strong) Academic Institution.

Beyond this, a conscious search for an appropriate affiliation takes place. When interest arises, an appropriate and nurturing financing will occur. Aiming at formal start, Fall of 2023!

Help us out, will you?



As an end note – this research had not been possible without the impact of the Entrepreneurial Research done by pioneering efforts from Bengt Johannisson (Prof. Em., 1942–, Linnaeus University, Växjö, Sweden), to which I owe an infinite gratitude. He has been – and still is! – my most important mentor within the area, now beyond 20+ years of our relational history. As he reminded me, once - "True Friendship Lasts Forever"!

So, it is.

Luvv ya, Playful Rebel-With-A-Cause!

Let's move our understanding of this entrepreneurship 'thingie' further – together! – in the associated Global Research Community!

After all, it has been around for at least 230k+ years in the Story of Humanity ...

As Ingvar Kamprad – the Founder of IKEA, some ~70km away from Växjö University (now Linnaeus Uni, Campus Växjö) in Älmhult, Småland, Sweden, formulated, during his lifetime in his furniture-for-all-people empire "Decalogue";

"The Most Is Still Undone – Wonderful Future!"

Hear, hear, to that!


Let's DO!



[imagine 'your music' here ~ non-stop!]


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