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RI Trans & Non-Binary Community Circle to Heal, Teach & Plan for Action

Hosted by Trans RI
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UPDATE 2: (3/11/22 - 9:30PM)

If you are inquiring about any follow-up to RI Trans & Non-Binary Community Circle to Heal, Teach & Plan for Action, we will respond Monday, March 14. 

Tonight's event was made possible through community members in collaboration with LGBTQ+ Action RI (LARI), TGI Network of RI (TGI), and Youth Pride, Inc (YPI). 

Much gratitude is owed to GLAD (GLBTQ+ Legal Advocates & Defenders) for their incredible support. Thank you to Haus of CodecProvidence Youth Student MovementProvidence Student UnionHaus of Glitter, and many many others who contributed to the event.


If you are a community member who has requested any summaries or any calls to action because you could not attend, we have received your message! Your support is incredibly appreciated and we will definitely get those to you.

If you are looking for any educational resources about legislative advocacy, please consult the ACLU of RI's comprehensive, thorough, and easy-to-understand guides. On the RI General Assembly website, you can find information like committee calendars and bill texts, including ​S2501 and H7539


At this time, we are not currently accepting any media requests. 

For inquiries about ​S2501 and H7539, you may want to contact GLAD. Additionally, please refer to this Statement from LGBTQ Action RI on S2501. 

To learn more about S2501, please consult this fact sheet, Proposed Anti-Transgender Sports Bank in Rhode Island: What You Need To Know, from GLAD, LARI, TGI, YPI, RI Queer PAC, Thundermist Health Center, RI Pride, PFLAG of Greater Providence, Open Door Health, RI Public Health Institute, Center for Justice, ACLU of RI, Renaissance City Softball League, Providence Human Relations Commission, Providence Gay Flag Football League, and RI NOW.

Thank you.


UPDATE 1: (3/10/22 - 9:30PM)

The interest in this event has been incredible and we appreciate your support. In order to manage the scale and size of this event, we are closing registration and capping the event at this time. We apologize that we're not able to accommodate more people at this time.

For community members, there will be notes available. If you would like to receive these or if you would like to stay up-to-date, please contact us. Thank you so much.


EVENT: Trans & Non-Binary Community Circle to Heal, Teach & Plan for Action in RI

WHENFriday, March 11, 2022 from 6-8pm 

WHATAn event for the trans community, by the trans community in response to anti-trans legislative attacks in the US and in RI. This virtual gathering focuses on healing, teaching, and action planning. For the community, by the community — in collaboration with LGBTQ+ Action RI, TGI Network of RI, and Youth Pride, Inc.

WHOA space for trans & non-binary people, and our loved ones.  

WHERE: Pre-register for the Zoom above!

Last year saw the most anti-trans bills introduced in the US. This year is on track to have the most anti-trans bills enacted. Last week, two anti-trans bills were introduced to the RI legislature.  

S2501 would effectively ban trans girls from school sports. H7539 would restrict teaching about racism and oppression, prohibit discussion of LGBTQ+ topics in sex education classes, and prevent trans students from using their correct names and pronouns.

S2501 and H7539 may not advance in RI. But there is potential. And together, we can prepare and unite to stop these bills from becoming law. 

These bills are about excluding students who may already be facing numerous difficulties just because of who they are. Trans youth deserve safety. Trans youth belong.

This “community circle” event blends elements of a vigil, a town hall, a teach-in, an action planning session, and more. This event was organized by a number of trans & non-binary community members to create a space to feel, to grieve, to rage, to breathe.

Legislation can be unfamiliar or intimidating. This event will offer a breakdown of the anti-trans bills and provide some easier-to-understand context, and an introductory primer for what we should know about the legislative process to respond to the bills.

This event will then lead to facilitated small groups for community members to discuss, brainstorm ideas, gain clarity, and consider different approaches to taking action.

Trans people precede these bills. We will outlive them.

This gathering has come together very quickly! If you can't attend this event, we are going to send everyone who registers a summary of this gathering. Depending on interest, we may offer a recap session next week for community members who couldn't attend. We will also be sharing educational material in the coming days.

As we track these bills, we will require support to defeat them. You may want to prepare testimony in advance. We have only a 48-hours notice if a bill is scheduled for a hearing. That means we only have 48 hours to submit written testimony and/or sign up to deliver verbal testimony in opposition.

Have questions? Any comments? Contact:

As the community develops responses, we will communicate these out to allies, accomplices, and our loved ones. If you want to be informed as plans emerge, contact: Please note in your message that you would like to stay up-to-date as an ally/accomplice.