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Space Hub x Health Connect 2023

Hosted by Cristina & 5 others
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About Event

Come along to a special Space x Health Tech Connect event as we explore the intersections of the space and health tech industries.  

The fusion of space and health industries has unlocked the potential to improve and find solutions to global health issues. With satellites monitoring air quality, remote medical diagnosis, and 3D printing generating medical devices for space, the possibilities to transform our future are endless.

Join us for an evening with the Australian space and health tech communities - to unpack how space innovations solve urgent health issues and discover how local entrepreneurs grow their businesses by playing across both industries.

Dr Katja Beitat, Cicada's Head of Health tech, and Julie Autuly, Head of Space Tech, will be in conversation with: 

We are bringing together founders, experts and key stakeholders across the space, defence and health sectors to collaborate, connect, and share knowledge and opportunities.

Meet the speakers

Mark Grosser, 23 Strands

Mr Grosser has over 25 years’ experience in the health technology industry working across Engineering, Management and R&D at firms such as Cochlear, Micromedical and the Henry Schein group.

23 Strands is utilising whole genome sequencing and Artificial Intelligence to unlock the power of your genetic code. Since 2018, the company has developed a proven capability to deliver genome-wide DNA sequencing data to allow a more accurate understanding of complex diseases and to facilitate improvements in patient care.

Dr. Joshua Chou. EXPLOR

Dr. Chou is a pioneering world leader in space biology and healthcare development and technologies, and is passionate about disrupting human healthcare and pushing the boundaries of science. He is a committee member of the Australian Space Agency Space Medicine and Life Science group and is a research group leader at the University of Technology Sydney.

EXPLOR is the only simulated microgravity device available dedicated for biological and pharmaceutical applications.

Dr Timon AX, Beyond 700

Dr. Ax is a passionate German doctor and researcher with a double-specialization in dry eye and ocular surface diseases and space exploration. After graduating Medical School in Münster in 2020, he joined Beyond700, where he has been involved in clinical trials in Germany, Hong Kong and Mexico. Currently he is a PhD student at Western Sydney University and has been a Project Leader for “Tears in Heaven” at DLR Parabolic Flight Campaign in Bordeaux.