Cover Image for REPLAY: SHE is your Oracle ~ with Melissa Louise | SUUNA "Let's talk about SEX" Masterclass Series 1/3
Cover Image for REPLAY: SHE is your Oracle ~ with Melissa Louise | SUUNA "Let's talk about SEX" Masterclass Series 1/3
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REPLAY: SHE is your Oracle ~ with Melissa Louise | SUUNA "Let's talk about SEX" Masterclass Series 1/3

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A woman's cycle is not something that needs fixing or controlling. In fact it is where her strength, power and gift to the relationship lies. Understanding and tracking her cycle also holds the key in creating a more satisfying sex life for both of you. She is the Oracle.

Bring your partner!

This 2h online event on Zoom is one part of "Let's talk about SEX" 3-part SUUNA Masterclass with Melissa Louise, intimacy coach at The Pleasure Studio.

29 MARCH - 18:00 - SHE is your Oracle -

5 APRIL - 18:00 - The power of the female ORGASM -

12 APRIL - 18:00 - Occupy Your COCK -

The conversation will be in English and a recording will be sent after the event.

You can sign up just for this event or for the whole Masterclass series. We provide a flexible contribution so that anybody can attend and get these super valuable insights on how we can improve our relationships, our sexuality and our connection with our bodies.

Minimum contribution for 1 event: 15€
Recommended contribution for 1 event: 40€

Minimum contribution for all 3 events: 50€
Recommended contribution for 3 events: 120€

Your contribution supports SUUNA Community in growing and inviting other amazing guests in the future.

SHE is your Oracle

Tracking your own or your woman's cycle is the power move of the relationship.

When a woman is honored, revered, and respected through the cyclic nature of her bleed, everyone is cared for.

Our current system is made by men for men with no room for half of the planet's experience in their bodies.

A woman’s body is not a problem to fix.

It is a powerful force to harness if you know how.

When a woman is governing her life and the relationship she is in from the wisdom of her cycle, her ability to see through the veils and offer from her well of knowing is profound.

Unfortunately, many women never even get a glimpse of this golden nectar that is theirs due to being born with a woman.

And men.

Tracking your woman's cycle is the sexiest way to get your sexual needs met, and to claim the freedom you so deeply crave and need.


Join this (possibly) life-changing masterclass to find out.

What you will learn

  • How to demystify what she really wants sexually

  • The basics of cycle tracking

  • The sperm wars and how they pertain to fertility

  • Her Spiritual Ovulation

  • The Billings method of cycle tacking for sexual intercourse.

  • Why pregnancy is a man's issue

  • The glory of the continuous Erotic Space.

  • Expanding your definition of sex, therefore creating a deeply satisfying intimate life.

  • Understanding the feminine as ‘’lunar’’ & the masculine as ‘’solar’’ energetically,

  • Understanding how society does not honor her cycle - but you can!

  • A deeper understanding of her female anatomy & your male anatomy,

  • Tuning into your male hormonal cycle & testosterone cycle - to complement her cycle,

  • Understanding better ways of communicating, taking space, & allowing the cycle to fuel agency & communion as a living art between you both,

  • Practical tips to navigate her needs & yours so both partners can celebrate this incredible part of her essence.

Melissa Louise

As an Erotic Blueprint, Sex, Intimacy & Relationship Coach, Melissa is your leading Pleasure Advocate

She supports women to reclaim their divine birthright to feel alive, orgasmic, and turned the fuck on no matter what their age or relationship status.

And men to be more attractive, powerful, trustworthy, make more money, and find freedom by lasting longer in bed.

The perfect erotic turn-on cocktail that nourishes your health, wealth, and well-being.

With certifications also in Kink 101, Accelerated Evolution, and Access Consciousness Melissa truly embodies that how we do life is how we do sex.

This is the true revolution of our time, lovers.

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