Cover Image for SaaS Funding in 2024: What Founders Need to Know
Cover Image for SaaS Funding in 2024: What Founders Need to Know
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SaaS Funding in 2024: What Founders Need to Know

Hosted by Jason Yeh
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If you’re a SaaS founder preparing for a fundraise in 2024, join us on 2/21. This event will help you stay ahead of emerging trends in the venture capital landscape as we lead a discussion and open Q&A with industry experts from Carta and leading VC firms.

​​Specifically we'll cover:

  • The metrics that matter most in fundraising for SaaS

  • Things VCs look for in SaaS investment opportunities

  • What it means to be a “venture-backable founder”

  • Hot markets, venture-scale markets, and everything in between​

Join us for a packed hour of fundraising learning!

Don't just take my word for it - hear from some of the successful founders who have attended my workshops in the past:

​​​I can't even tell you how meaningful it’s been for our previous and this current round… complete GAME CHANGER! - Zohaib A.

​The learning for me has been tremendous, was delivered in a very consumable way. Jason, you've just been incredible at delivering nuggets of gold and answering all questions thoughtfully and candidly. - Dina G.

​​There’s no better way to learn and to activate that deep inner desire to become a better version of yourself. That was one of those events for me. In one word: mindblowing. -Victoria H.

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