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Cover Image for Restaking & Infra Day, Brussels (EthCC)
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Restaking & Infra Day, Brussels (EthCC)

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From the floodwaters of Dubai to the dry charm of Brussels!

Our Restaking & Infra Day in Dubai was a great success with 400 attendees and 15 partners! Encouraged, we're excited to announce our decision to extend the restaking journey to Brussels, EthCC!

Speakers from Eigen, Picasso, Zetta Block, Trust, SSV Labs, 1inch, Everclear (prev Connext), Automata Network, Cycle Network, Lagrange Labs, Lido, Pi Squared, Absinthe, StakeStone, AutoLayer, Tally, YieldNest, Covalent!

Restaking & Infra Day is a one-day event for web3 developers, tech founders and non-technical web3 enthusiasts who want to dive deeper into the rapidly developing field of restaking technologies & solutions.

​​​​🗓 Agenda

12:00 — 12:30 Doors opening, networking, 🍕food & drinks🥤

12:30 — 12:40 Opening word

12:40 — 13:00 Keynote: "Modular Data Infrastructure for AI": (Jayen Harrill - Marketing manager) @ Covalent

​13:00 — 13:20 Keynote: "Hyper-Parallel ZK Proving with Lagrange" (Ismael Hishon-Rezaizadeh - Founder & CEO @ Lagrange Labs)

​13:20 — 13:40 Keynote: "Everclear: Powering L2 Restaking" (Arjun Bhuptani - Founder @ Everclear (prev Connext))

​13:40 — 14:00 Keynote: "Unlock AI's Potential With Trustlessness" (Chi Zhang - CEO & Co-Founder @ ZettaBlock)

14:00 — 14:40
Panel Discussion: "Enhancing Interoperability & Security with Restaking" moderated by Bella Park - Client Partner @ Caladan

​14:40 — 15:00 Keynote: "Cycle Network—Trustless aggregate liquidity network for all blockchains" (Solean Ducrocq - Head BD of Euro @ Cycle)

15:00 — 15:20 Keynote: A new paradigm for re/ staking ETH (Alon Muroch - CEO @ SSV Labs)

​15:20 — 15:40 Keynote: "Are LSTs still relevant?" (Jakov Buratović - Master of DeFi @ Lido)

​15:40 — 16:00 Keynote: "Liquid Governance Restaking: The future of DAOs" (Dennison Bertram - CEO & Co-Founder @ Tally)

​16:00 — 16:20 Keynote: "The Universal Settlement Layer - Unchaining Web3" (Grigore Roșu - Founder & CEO @ Pi Squared)

​16:20 — 16:40 Keynote: "Restaking and LRTs: The Path Ahead" (Javi Blanco Thomas - CEO @ AutoLayer)

​16:40 — 17:00 Keynote: "The Points Meta and Narrative Led Growth" (Ketan Jog - CEO & Founder @ Absinthe)

17:00 — 17:40
Panel Discussion: "The Future of Liquid Staking and Restaking" moderated by Ray Xiao - Senior Director @ IOSG Ventures

  • Nader Dabit, Director of DevR @ EigenLayer

  • Marin Tvrdić, Master of Protocol Relations @ Lido

  • Grigore Roșu, Founder & CEO @ Pi Squared

  • Alon Muroch, CEO @ SSV Labs

  • Javi Blanco Thomas, CEO @ AutoLayer

17:40 — 18:20
Panel Discussion: "Enhancing scalability with Restaking" moderated by Marin Tvrdić, Master of Protocol Relations @ Lido

  • Sergej Kunz, Co-Founder @ 1inch

  • Rose Li, CSO @ StakeStone

  • Amadeo Brands, Co-Founder & CEO @ YieldNest

  • Dennison Bertram, CEO & Co-Founder @ Tally

  • Yuchen Jiang, Co-Founder @ OpenLayer

18:20 — 19:30 Networking! 🧞🧚

​​🛠 Partners

Lido - an open-source liquid staking protocol deployed on Ethereum and Polygon, empowering users to stake their crypto assets and accrue staking rewards for contributing to the security of these blockchain networks.
Trust Wallet - the world's most trusted & secure crypto wallet & Web3 gateway, with 122 million+ users.
ZettaBlock - a decentralized platform for open and trustless AI development. Our state-of-the-art architecture enables communities to collaboratively train and manage AI models with governance and ownership semantics, empowering an accessible ecosystem of models and datasets.
KudasaiJP - one of Japan's largest cryptocurrency communities from 2020. Our validator company Omakase is invested by Nomura Holdings.
SSV Network - the DVT & infra which secures and scales the ever-evolving re/staking space, while continuing to decentralise the future of the ecosystem.
Automata Network - a modular attestation layer that extends machine trust to Ethereum with TEE Coprocessors.
Everclear (prev Connext) - as the first Clearing Layer, Everclear coordinates the global settlement of liquidity between chains, solving fragmentation for modular blockchains.
Cycle Network - a trustless aggregate liquidity network for all blockchains, based on aggregate sequencer.
Pi Squared (Proof of Proof) - enables trustless remote computing, AI, and interoperable smart contracts for any blockchain or dApp.
Lagrange Labs - a hyper-parallel ZK Coprocessor powered by the industry's first decentralized Prover Network, to enable data-intensive and cross-chain applications.
Absinthe - building the next generation of points and incentive distribution for Web3.
StakeStone - a liquid Ethereum and Bitcoin backed by adaptive staking network that allows for asset staking beyond the traditional consensus layer through its yield-bearing asset, STONE.
Tally - powers L2s, protocols, treasuries and public goods.
YieldNest - a next-generation liquid restaking protocol that provides simple-to-understand, risk-adjusted restaking strategies.
AutoLayer - the premier Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRT) Finance app on Arbitrum, Ethereum and Binance.
OpenLayer - has launched as a leading AVS on the EigenLayer mainnet, onboarding over 40 operators and $6B in restaked assets.
Link3 - a web3 professional network where verified identities meet value-based communication.
Covalent - Modular Data Infrastructure for AI.

For partnership opportunities:

The venue is in the city center of Brussels!

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