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Restaking & Infra Day, Dubai

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دبي, دبي
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🚀 Join the greatest side event dedicated to Restaking and Infra to explore the future of decentralized ecosystems.

Connect with leading technologists, developers, and business leaders and explore pioneering solutions in liquid restaking, coordination layers, hyperscale data availability, Layer 2 integrations, and more.

Speakers from:
EigenLayer, Taiko, ZetaChain, LayerZero, Trust Wallet, Zeebu, Partisia Blockchain and more

​​🗓 Agenda:

​12:30 — 13:30 Doors opening, networking, 🍕food & drinks🥤

13:30 — 13:40 Opening word

13:40 — 14:10 Workshop: "The Bring Your Own Coin (BYOC) Blockchain"
(Bruce Ahn - Head of Adoption @ Partisia Blockchain)

14:10 — 14:40
Panel Discussion: "Security vs. Risks in The Era of Restaking" moderated by Luki - Product Strategy @ Chainbase Staking

14:40 — 15:00 "Native Yield Bridges for Everyone"
(Jon Kol - Co-Founder @ Hyperlane)

15:00 — 15:20 "Brevis: A Smart ZK Coprocessor for Blockchains"
(Mo Dong - Co-Founder @ Brevis)

15:20 — 15:40 "Based Rollups: The Backbone of the Ethereum Network Effect"
(Saniya More - Research & Writing @ Taiko)

15:40 — 16:00 "Building Omnichain Applications"
(Matthew Krak - Developer Ecosystem Lead @ LayerZero)

16:00 — 16:20 "Programmable, Interoperable and Collateralized Asset Custody Solution"
(Brian Gallagher - Co-Founder @ Partisia Blockchain)

16:20 — 16:30 “A ZK Powered Multichain Future”
(Steven - Growth Lead @ RISC Zero)

16:30 — 16:40 Keynote
(Amitej Gajjala - Co-Founder @ Kelp DAO)

16:40 — 17:00 "Bringing Bitcoin to Web3"
(Denis Fadeev - Head of Developer Experience @ ZetaChain)

17:00 — 17:20 Workshop: "Unlocking Seamless Interoperability: Cycle Network's Trustless ZK-Rollup Approach"
(Will - Partner @ Cycle Network)

17:20 — 18:00
Data Availability Panel Discussion moderated by Gökhan Er - Managing Director @ IOSG Ventures

18:00 — 18:40
Panel Discussion: "Restaking: a Look into the Future" moderated by Michael Chen - Co-Founder @ Blockless

18:40 — 20:00 Networking! 🧞🧚

✨ Co-organiser

​​LayerZero — an interoperability protocol that connects blockchains (50+ and counting), allowing developers to build seamless omnichain applications, tokens, and experiences.

​🛠 Partners

Cycle Network — an omni-chain communication and interoperability infrastructure hoping to solve the problem of liquidity fragmentation across protocols.
Skate Chain — the first universal application layer that empowers apps to run on 1000s of chains with one state.
Taiko — decentralized, Ethereum-equivalent ZK-Rollup.
Partisia Blockchain — a pioneering technology that redefines privacy and scalability on the blockchain, built for trust, transparency, privacy, and speed-of-light finalization.
ZetaChain — the simple, fast and secure omnichain blockchain.
Brevis — smart ZK coprocessor that empowers smart contracts to read the full historical on-chain data from any chain and run customizable computations in a completely trust-free way.
Hyperlane — the permissionless interoperability framework connecting the modular ecosystem. With Hyperlane, anyone can connect any blockchain, rollup, appchain, on any VM.
Zeebu — the first-of-its-kind Web3 Neobank tailored to cater to the telecom carrier industry.
Persistence One — a purpose built Layer 1 on a mission to maximize yield and security through Liquid Staking and Restaking.
Kelp DAO — a leading liquid restaking protocol with $850M+ in TVL and 40k+ restakers. Users can enjoy restaking rewards, staking rewards and access to 20+ DeFi opportunities across Ethereum mainnet and L2s with rsETH.
Trust Wallet — a mobile cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to securely store, manage and transfer over 160 different cryptocurrencies.
SatoshiDEX — a revolutionary DeFi protocol that brings the flexibility and innovation of exchange to the Bitcoin blockchain.
01node — the operator of choice for non custodial staking, trusted by 100,000 users since 2019.
Alchemy Pay — a payment solutions provider that seamlessly connects fiat and crypto economies for global consumers, merchants, developers, and institutions.
Dappos — the first intent-centric operating protocol providing CeFi-like user experience and a complete decentralization at the same time with new features of unified account, support for task dependency and the bidding system.
RISC Zero — a zero-knowledge verifiable general computing platform based on zk-STARKs and the RISC-V microarchitecture.

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دبي, دبي
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