🌞 Summer Update

Greetings Earthshot community! We want to give you a quick update on some of the recent activities here at the Earthshot Institute:

Our new suite of Labs are kicking off work!

Coastal Wetland Forest Lab held its inaugural meeting led by Elliott White Jr. We’re excited that another remarkable expert in this ecosystem, Dr. Lindsey Smart, will also be contributing to the work. The team is aiming to complete its literature review in the next six to eight weeks. Meanwhile, the Global Forest Lab, led by Aron Boettcher, is drafting a manuscript for submission. The working title is ‘A globally applicable, general-purpose tool for estimating biomass recovery rate.’

The Riparian Ecosystem Lab will have a new leader starting in August: the phenomenal Grace Lindsay, who has recently stepped into a new role as Assistant Professor at NYU. Huge thanks to Forrest Pound for his work in getting this lab off the ground and gracefully leading it through its first year of work—and also to Amgad Ellaboudy, for his development of the first machine learning model linking local changes in productivity to the presence of beaver dams. Under Grace’s leadership, the lab will be continuing its work to predict the ecological effects of simple regenerative interventions in waterways.

We have three new amazing labs in the works. They will call for some different skills than our previous suite of labs. So if you’re interested in bringing your particular genius to solving a problem that stands in the way of regeneration, please stay tuned. And, if you haven’t already filled out the form on our website, do so very soon!

We are also planning a series of panel conversations on topics important to regeneration of social-ecological systems, a concept we’ve adopted from Elinor Ostrom’s work. We'll organize a poll in our Slack workspace, so keep an eye on the #general channel, where community members will have an opportunity to propose questions and vote. If you'd like to join our Slack workspace, fill out the form on our website. 

In case you missed Tuesday's announcement of the Open Learning Circle, it’s here. If you’re interested in further conversation and collective thought around regeneration, please check it out!

We’ll be having our next Community Welcome Call tomorrow, Friday July 1, at 10 AM PT. Please register here and join us if you have questions or comments about any of these activities—or just to connect with others committed to regenerating our planet!

Best wishes,
The Earthshot Institute Organizing Team