Open Learning Circle — Regeneration



This event is sold out and no longer taking registrations.

Event Information

Earthshot community! The institute is kicking off an Open Learning Circle, an event series where we gather together to discuss texts about how to regenerate the earth. We’re starting with Paul Hawken’s book, ‘Regeneration: Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation’ (2021). The book features ten chapters, each focused on a specific social-ecological system; they are: Oceans, Forests, Wilding, Land, People, The City, Food, Energy, Industry, and Action + Connection.
On average, each of those chapters consists of nine articles of about a thousand words, taking about five minutes to read. Open Learning Circle sessions are open to all and occur once per week and last one-hour. This Learning Circle is open in the sense that you can choose to attend all of the sessions if you wish and if you choose to attend just one, that’s completely fine too. Over a ten week period, we will progressively delve into each of the ten chapters in Paul Hawken’s Regeneration book. Participants are invited to read at least one article from the chapter ahead of attending the Open Learning Circle and be ready to share insights about your reading experience, and listen and engage with those of others. And if you did not have time to read but are interested in the topic covered in the chapter, you are welcome to attend as well and recommend material related to it (articles, books, videos, documentaries, etc).
→ An epub of Paul Hawken’s Regeneration is accessible here. Or, find a paperback from your local bookstore here, or order a copy here.
→ Are you interested in attending but this day and time is not convenient given your time zone? Please let us know below what a good day and time may be for you (please make sure to specify the time zone) and we’ll do our best to schedule a session at a time that works for you!