What is "connection" anyways? » Erin Updates 11/16/21

Hey friends,

We're starting to hear tis the season for the holidays, spending time with loved ones and traditions old and new.

I'll admit — I'm not big on holidays and some of it is because it feels a bit... forced?

We connect not because we want to with others — but because we feel that we should out of tradition, belonging or damn seasonality. Not actually seeking connection, kindness or a sense of belonging + togetherness.

What if we changed this?

Let's reach out to friends because it's Tuesday, share something you thought was funny with them, tell a joke, tag them in a TikTok Dance, send a recipe you enjoyed, or send a meme of Larry David.

We don't need a season or a reason for connection, and I'd argue that our lives would be better off if we quit waiting for one.

(PS if you need any of the above or even just a pep talk — reply to this email, I got you!)

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