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WITH NUANCE: Is Web 3.0 really driving community?

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Ever wonder if a take could have more nuance than 240 characters?

Now it can.

Join us for a Twitter Spaces discussing if Web 3.0 communities are actually driving community, or if its just the latest buzzword online.

We'll be discussing:

  • Are Web 3.0 communities actually driving community?

  • Are projects like Constitution DAO helping or hurting Web 3?

  • Can communities be used for nefarious purposes? What should we be aware of?

  • What considerations should we have in mind when thinking about Web 3.0 Communities?

  • and questions submitted via DM or Luma!

These spaces value kindness, integrity, honesty, questioning with the intention to understand — and most importantly, nuance.

Catch us on Spaces, bring your questions!

Let's learn together!