🔥 Special Edition: Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at Ganas Ventures & join the family!

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Hi there! At Ganas Ventures, we believe in the power of community and building in public. That's why we're excited to share our Ganas Ventures 2022 Overview infographic with you, so you can see everything we've accomplished since our launch in March of 2022 and celebrate our progress together! We couldn't be here without you.

Also, we want to give you a behind-the-scenes look at our fund by sharing our Ganas LP deck and Ganas founder deck with you. We believe in transparency and want to be open with our community.

If you're interested in exploring joining the Ganas family as an LP, book a time to chat here (let's find out if we're a mutual fit); and if you want to pitch us a startup or join the Ganas community as a mentor or perk partner, visit us at ganas.vc.

Lastly, don't hesitate to share this with a friend who might be interested too!

With gratitude,
✨ Lolita Taub, GP at Ganas Ventures | twitter | luma | Ganas Ventures invests in pre-seed and seed community-driven startups in the US and Latin America.

Disclaimer: Ganas Ventures is a 506c fund that allows us to publicly solicit for our raise. All are welcome to apply to become an LP; however commitments into Ganas Ventures will only be accepted from accredited investors