Fission Demo Day, TFT new community

Jul 21, 2021

Hello everyone!

Fission's monthly demo day is tomorrow, July 22nd, register here »

  • recap of Fission's internal Hack Week apps

    • Lil Patchy, using Fission with a browser web extension to save screenshot bookmarks to IPFS

    • Moon Garden, a "tool for thought" example using Fission's webnative SDK

  • Recovery Kit: we've got a non-custodial way to backup and recover your private keys

  • Community Demo: Joris Herman is working on a storage stack library to power "own your data" apps, including a Fission integration

And -- new Fission website, BROWSERS3000!!!, and Fission + Filecoin mini update.

Tools for Thought

The Tools for Thought Interchange now has its own Luma community, as well as volunteer organizers Jess & Betty.

Jess has arranged a July speaker session next week, July 28th. Linus Lee is the first confirmed presenter, talking about incremental note taking, and Monocle, a personal search engine.

The organizers meet in the Fission Discord chat if you'd like to get involved.

Upcoming Events

Other upcoming events include:

  • Advanced Web, with Penny MacLachlan, who is the Product Manager on the Chrome Web Platform team, joins us to talk about advanced web capabilities that her group is working on and promoting (July 29th, 2021)

  • TiddlyWiki Community Call: Core Savers & Syncers, Upload Plugin, & Discourse Forum (Aug 17th, 2021)