TiddlyWiki Community: Core Savers & Syncers, Upload Plugin, & Discourse Forum



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Event Information

A TiddlyWiki Community Call. Please join if you're interested in the TiddlyWiki software and community.

Jeremy and Saq have been working on core TiddlyWiki architecture to improve "Savers and Syncers". They'll discuss their progress and plan to date, and what this means for more core development, as well as new capabilities for plugins.

Boris from Fission will talk about Open Collective and what we've learned so far from both TiddlyWiki on Fission and the File Upload Plugins project.

Finally, Boris is supporting Jeremy in launching a new official Discourse-powered forum. This will be an initial "beta" launch, showcasing how it syncs with the current Google Group, and some of the features it gives us going forward. Once live, it will be accessible at talk.tiddlywiki.org.

For all of these things, we're happy to have community members join us to volunteer to continue these efforts in a variety of roles, as well as open discussion and questions.

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