Weekly Update 2021-04-11 — Luma Retreat, Pfizer #2, Marathon

Victor Pontis
Apr 12, 2021

First Marathon + Second Pfizer

I’ve spent most of the day today shuffling between my bed and the couch. I’m totally exhausted and it hurts to walk. That’s because I ran my first marathon yesterday!

We started at a friend’s house in Mill Valley, climbed over a mountain, through Muir Woods, down into Stinson Beach, and then looped back home.

I have been running a bit but I was definitely not prepared for this run. To put it in perspective, my weekly mileage for each of the past 10 weeks was less than a marathon…

But I had a great group of ~ 10 friends to run with and we stopped to stretch and eat every hour. And after mile 10 or so I stopped being able to feel my feet which means they stopped hurting!

Here was our route:

The day before the marathon I went with Dan (my co-founder) and Danqing (his girlfriend) to get our second Pfizer shot:

I was a bit nervous that I was going to get side effects from the shot because the marathon was starting 24 hours after I got the shot. But it all turned out alright! My arm was a little sore but otherwise I had no side effects.

Luma Retreat

Earlier in the week (I guess this update is going in reverse chronological order), Dan and I went to Sonoma for a Luma planning retreat.

As I wrote about in my previous update, we started Luma ~ a year ago. And we both have a tendency to get focused on product, engineering, and customer relationships. So the retreat was a good time to lift up our heads and plan for the next year.

The main thing that we came away with the retreat with is a new focus. We’ve built a lot of exciting things in the past year but they haven’t been tied together under one coherent vision. I’ll be writing more about this new vision this week.

Here’s a photo from the retreat so you can see just how serious and intense it was: