Weekly Update 2021-04-04

Victor Pontis
Apr 5, 2021


Luma Turns 1

A year ago yesterday, we launched Luma (then ZmURL) on Techcrunch. I wrote a Twitter thread going over some of the high and low lights of the last year.

With every anniversary or birthday, we’re spending more time reflecting on the past and planning for the future.

We’ve seen 60,000 events on Luma in the last year. Each event brings people together in order to meet each other, participate an activity, or just spend time together. There’s a fundamental desire to connect with other people and the big social media platforms don’t do a good job of creating and nurturing new relationships.

In the next year, we’re building Luma to help communities foster more meaningful relationships. That means more improvements to events, a member directory, spaces for people to meet each other, and much more.

Back to Basketball

The hoops are back!

San Francisco, against any reasonable scientific guidelines, has taken down the basketball hoops for most of COVID. But they are back now!

I shot around for half an hour today and my shot is still kinda ok! Hopefully I’ll start to play some pickup games in the next couple weeks.

Coming Up

This week I have a few exciting things:

  1. my 2nd vaccine shot (with the Danqings)

  2. a marathon in Marin on the day after my shot (hopefully I’m in shape to run it)

  3. a short Luma retreat (to spend more time on the planning I mentioned above)

In terms of work, we’re planning on launching a member directory feature for Luma — a place where you can see bios and information about other members of your community.

If you know of an online community that might benefit from a member directory, please let me know!