What is your own code of ethics? » Updates from Erin 10/20/21

​Hey friends,

I've been thinking about how we interact online lately — and quite honestly a bit conflicted at times.

Don't get me wrong — I LOVE THE INTERNET, and do think the internet as being base-good, meaning that most people are operating with kind, and positive intentions.

Unfortunately that doesn't mean everyone feels the same way. We've all seen it or even participated in it. The quote tweet dunks, the clap backs, the removing of context, the back channeling.

But what if we were to just... stop?

I can't claim that there will be a magic wand that we can wave and it will go away overnight, but I do know that we possibly could make the internet a little kinder.✨

And that starts one small action at a time.

I'm making a modest proposal for us all to think about how we use the internet — and think about how we can practice kindness in our own circles, even in our own micro interactions.

Read the full proposal for a kinder creator economy here.

I'd love to hear what values you're thinking about in your own internet habits — and curious to know how this impacts your day to day — my calendar is open here, or reply to this email let's chat.

Catch you online 🏄🏼‍♀️


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