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Starting Community: Community Conversations

Hosted by Orbit, Erin Mikail Staples & Rosie Sherry
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Starting Community: An Orbit Learning Sprint

Join us for a free one-week community-driven learning sprint focusing on how to get started with creating a community.

Once you've done your community research and homework it becomes easier to know where to start.

In this one-week sprint we will work together to help you take action on starting your community.

We will cover:

- Minimum Viable Communities: experimenting and doing things that don't scale is crucial when starting out.

- Community Culture: how to practically set a community culture

- Community Conversations: conversations are at the heart of community, though the types of conversations at each stage vary. We will focus on ones that matter most when starting community.

How will this sprint be delivered:

- we will be live daily at midday PT

- a private Discord channel for chat

- yes, recordings, only where relevant, will be made available

- this experience is best experienced through active participation

Heads up! This is a week-long cohort-type learning sprint. It starts on Monday November, 1st.

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