Write Letters on the Indy Hall's Roofdeck with us! Tomorrow Night from 6-8:30.

Do Good Shit
Jun 5, 2022

Hey friends,

We're back in action tomorrow, and since the weather is going to be gorgeous, we're taking our letter writing activities up to the fourth floor of Indy Hall where we can roll up the garage doors and enjoy the skyline, a breeze, and hopefully a little sunset that looks like this one...

Since our last session, we tallied up the total and we've zipped past the 2000 letter mark 🤯. Amazing work, everyone!

If you're unable to attend these letter writing sessions, and want to help out, stay tuned for an upcoming fundraiser to help pay for more stamps, envelopes, and other provisions to keep these letter writing efforts going. Small donations really add up and help a lot!

The other thing that really helps is spreading the word. If you have any friends or coworkers who are looking for a way to get civically active without the stress or high pressure of things like phone banking or door knocking, we'd love to welcome them to this or a future event.

If you RSVP, think about bringing a friend! And even if you can't make it, we'd love it if you shared the RSVP page with your friends, family, and community...wherever they are. Text messages/group chats, other local Discord servers or Slack accounts, Facebook groups, Twitter, discussion lists, AOL Chat rooms, your local karaoke spot, really, wherever you know the good people are!

If everyone in our community brings just ONE more person into the fold, our letter writing numbers will skyrocket AND we'll get to meet more excellent people in Philly who care about our city and want to help make it better.

And damn, do we need all the help we can get.

RSVP for tomorrow night here: https://lu.ma/GetActive8

And stay tuned for our next event.

Thanks y'all. Stay safe.

-Alex & Sarah