Fission May 2021 Demo Day

This week, on Thursday, May 20th, we’ll have our monthly Fission Demo Day. You can register on Luma »

We’ll be covering:

  • Fission joining the Decentralized Identity Foundation, and upcoming platform support for DID interop

  • Fission VS Code Plugin: create new apps and publish directly from within VS Code

  • Account Backup: a demo of the alpha version of secure account backup.

Plus, Jeremy Ruston will demo some of his recent updates on TiddlyWiki.

Our next two Fission Tech Talks will be a special large scale discussion on interchange between different Tools for Thought.

  • May 27th: Tools for Thought Interchange: an overview of atJSON by Blaine Cook, and how it is used at Conde Nast as a “100 year format”, plus a group discussion on other topics related to the tools for thought universe

  • June 3rd: Tools for Thought Interchange Part 2: scheduled for an Australian time zone friendly slot, Iian from Codex Editor will talk about Standoff Editors and showcase his work. We’ll continue other topics from the first event.

Past events that are up now, including video recording:

All of our future and past events are available on the Fission Luma page.

Join our Discord chat if you have any questions, or would like to suggest a future topic or speaker.