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Tools for Thought Interchange: atJSON

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There are many tools for thought, second brains, and digital garden apps out there, with more being built every day. How do we work on interchange between these systems?

Many people want Markdown as the One True Format, which they have become used to working with. But there isn’t even one standard for Markdown, never mind the front matter for metadata storage, various plugins, extensions, queries and other components that each system has.

We also don’t want any single large systems to be the de-facto standard that is fully owned by one private company, whether that is at the API layer or the export layer.

Can we work on ways to interchange data between systems in a way that preserves the unique capabilities of each system, while also allowing users and developers to more easily use different tools to work with their own data?

Some of the participants and topics include:

  • Blaine Cook: overview of atJSON

  • Jeremy Ruston, TiddlyWiki ePUB transformation & tiddler formats

  • Gordon Brander, Subtext, simple markup

  • Christina Bowen, Social Roots, healthy teams and social coordination

Further discussion and details in the forum

Generally, anyone working on Tools for Thought and thinking about import / export and interchange between different formats and systems would be interested in this topic.

Part 2 is scheduled a week following, on June 3rd, but at an Australian friendly time slot. Register here for that event »

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