Community Update, March 2023 | Get your DeNites NFT, New Website, DeNites TV, Party @ ETH Porto 🌊

Mar 15, 2023

Community Update | March 2023

What’s up DeNiters? Are you ready for some vibes?🕺💃

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us, but we bring you some exciting news:

  • Our NFTs are live 🃏

  • New website 🎨

  • DeNites TV launched 📺

  • Get ready for ETHPorto 🔮

DeNites NFTs are live 🃏

If you have not minted your DeNites Season 2 NFT yet, than the “joker” is on you 🤡

Designed by the amazing Inês Durão, our latest Membership NFT is your gateway to the DeNites DAO. Buy it and unlock voting rights, host events, priority access, DAO Telegram access, merch, partner offers, and more. 👀

Check it out 👇

New website design 🎨

We have a new look at! 💈

Onda Studio did it again and helped us deliver one of the coolest community DAO websites out there. Do you agree? Check if you can find all the website’s Easter Eggs 🐇

Launching DeNites TV 📺

We promised we wouldn’t be just about events and networking. Launching a podcast is our first step into building content for web3 enthusiasts while giving the mic to new companies and projects out there in the web3 space.

DeNites TV is the ultimate videocast for all things web3. Every week, Miguel Magalhães will host new guests to discuss a different topic. Stay on top of the latest trends and discussions with new episodes every Thursday, live on your regular pod and videocast channels. 🔗

Next up: ETHPorto (16-18 March) 🌊

We were so busy in late 2022 that we’ve barely noticed that it has been almost 4 months since our last event. However, web3 doesn't stop nor do we. 🪩

We’re getting ready for the amazing days of ETHPorto. From the 16th to the 18th of March, Porto will host hundreds of hackers while being home to some staggering side events: including a DeNites party, in collaboration with Oh, MyGam3 - a Web3 Gaming Fest and our sponsors ExeedMe, Dotmoovs and CleverW3B. Register here! 🎉

We’re also preparing some surprises, but for that, you’ll need to own our NFT. inserting some FOMO 😉

Cheers for the amazing DeNites fam 🥂

It’s a bit late for new year resolutions but let’s take a moment to cheer the amazing ride we’ve done so far. 🍻

  • We’ve onboarded more than 2000 people to our events;

  • hosted 23 events, in 5 cities (Braga, Coimbra, Funchal, Lisboa and Porto);

  • fundraised almost 100k$ to get season 2 kickstarted;

  • took our first steps as a DAO;

  • launched a new brand, a website, an NFT, a videocast;

  • … and, above everything, we had a lot of fun, connecting the coolest web3 communities.

We couldn’t have done it… 🙏

Without the amazing help of all our partners and sponsors. 👇


Denites is made possible by the following friends and sponsors

  • Aurora - Enjoy 50 gas-free txns per month and staking rewards with Aurora+

  • Avenue - If your DAO wants a better way to collaborate and can't wait to say goodbye to Discord, check out Avenue.

  • CLEVERW3B - Venture & Web3 Onboarding

  • Exeedme / Dotmoovs - Play&Earn and Move&Earn

  • Immunefi - Web3 Bug Bounty Platform

  • Near - A climate-neutral, high-speed & low transaction fee layer-1 blockchain

  • Onda - Digital Design that breaks the boredom

  • Polkamarkets - Forecasting Technology

  • Protocol Labs - Open-source R&D Labs

  • RealFevr - Everlasting NFT Moments

  • Subvisual - Web3 Venture Studio

  • Startup Lisboa - Lisbon’s Incubator

  • TAIKAI - Hackathon and bounty tools for the web3 industry

  • Talent Protocol - Build your on-chain resume and launch your career token

  • Utrust - Multi-chain crypto-payments technology for the multi-verse

  • WalliD - The Digital Wallet for ID Assets

  • Worldcoin - Anonymous Proof of Humanity


If you have any questions or you want to collaborate with the DeNites DAO, find us at our Telegram Channel. We’re looking forward to hear from you 📩

See you this week, in Porto 👋 🌊