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Oh My Gam3! Web3 Gaming Fest

Hosted by Exeedme & DeNites
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Porto, Porto
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About Event

Twitter was full, Discord was overheated… There was an urge for all parts of this vibrant industry to meet IRL!

Imagine a room filled with passionate gamers, industry experts, and world-class players, all coming together to celebrate and take part in the future of gaming! 

The event will have 3 main parts

14h00 - 18h00 | Conference: Join us on a deep but risky dive into the web3 gaming and esports world. Expect original and fresh content! Expect provoking topics around web3 gaming and the future of esports. If your project is totally deep in web3 gaming, or if you are testing the waters these roundtables are for you! That’s just the appetizer for all networking opportunities you’ll have.

18h -20h | Esports Triathlon :Have you ever imagined watching an esports triathlon? That’s exactly what we’ll bring! Expect the lights, and the adrenaline and to watch professional esports teams playing their strongest game, but also leave their comfort zone and compete in web3 games.

20h - 04h | Party (w/ food and drinks) : It’s all fun and games until… the real party starts! Let’s show the noobs how pros throw a real party. Come prepared to dance…play…and be surprised!