Week Update — December 12th

Victor Pontis
Dec 13, 2021

Running Without Alcohol

I've had a couple running goals this year — to run 750 miles for the year and to break 5 minutes in the mile.

For the first goal, I'm at 705 miles for the year so if I run 20 miles the next couple weeks I should hit my goal.

Two months ago I attempted to run a 5 minute mile. It was a really awkwardly paced race where I went out way too fast and ended up running a 5:08.

After that mile, I decided that I was going to give up drinking until I ran a 5 minute mile. Today, two months later, I haven't yet run a 5 minute mile, but I've stuck to giving up drinking.

As someone who drank frequently at dinner and parties, I expected that it would be hard to give up alcohol, that I would be pressured to drink by friends and by a sense of social awkwardness.

That hasn't happened. Giving up drinking has been remarkably smooth. I've still had fun at parties. Awkward social situations haven't been more awkward.

It's actually been a great discovery to see how little alcohol is actually needed in my social life.

But giving up drinking was supposed to make me 8 seconds faster and so far, it hasn't done it's job!

So I'm going to give up my sobriety streak and refocus on getting my miles and track workouts in every week. 🍺🏃

[Luma] Editor and Email Improvements

I've spent a lot of time the last few weeks working on improving the email workflows in Luma.

  • We have a much nicer editor where you can add images, buttons, or videos inline.

  • You can fully customize the subject and body of any event related email.

  • You can see who opened your emails and who may need an extra reminder.

  • You can schedule newsletters.

Aloha Dinner

On Friday, Calvin and I got dinner with a friend's parents. We didn't coordinate, but we showed up wearing nearly matching shirts 💐.

Coming Up

This week I'll be:

  • Learning Solana for an upcoming Luma product

  • Welcoming my mom to NYC who is visiting

  • Closing the gap on 750 running miles for the year