Email Improvements in Luma

Victor Pontis
Dec 12, 2021

We've significantly revamped the email experience in Luma across editing, events, and newsletters!

Improved Editing Experience

We have made major improvements to our editor so that you can focus on what's important — your writing.

We have a new way of adding blocks and have improved the look and feel of the editor. Check it out below or play with here.

Event Email Customization

For every Luma event, we automatically send registration and reminder emails. You can now customize the subject and body of those emails.

On your manage page, check out the Emails tab and start personalizing your emails 😇.

Track Email Opens

We keep track of email statistics for every email you send. That way it's easy to see who opened your email and who may need a little extra reminder...

Schedule Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to promote upcoming events and stay in touch with your community. You can import contacts, tag your audience, and follow up with event guests.

Today, you can now schedule your newsletters! When sending a newsletter, just choose Send Later and then pick a time.