The Outbound Effect: How To Consistently Fill Your Pipeline With A Hungry Buyers!

Oct 14 (Thu), 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM Coordinated Universal Time


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Join us for the 2-hour sales masterclass that will forever shift the way you gain the attention of (and connect with…!) your market moving forward.

We’re going deep into the psychology and strategy of outbound, proactive sales activity as we uncover:

✅ The strategies left profoundly untapped by most of the sales world that immediately gain personal connection with modern buyers, making just phone and email look like a basic ‘ticket to the dance’.

✅ How true creativity is created in the sales world, and how we all have our own unique ‘unfair advantage’ we can bring to the table that will help us get the attention of our buyers.

✅ The exact outbound sales sequence we teach to clients all over Australia, NZ, US and UK to help them repeatedly and predictably find, nurture and close deals to the tune of over $1.5B in fresh sales revenue.

​🔥 Let’s peel back the layer on truly creative outbound strategy and give our prospects a buying experience they’ll never forget.  

You’ll walk away with a roadmap you can implement over the next 90 days to significantly increase your motivation, outputs and income as a sales pro. By attending this webinar, it will all be revealed to you without a stone left unturned.

See you soon,

Steve & Darcy

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