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Record Breakers



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Mon, Aug 15
11:30 PM
Mon, Aug 29
11:30 PM

Event Information

Welcome To Record Breakers!

A weekly 30 Minute Sales Huddle designed specifically for driven sales pro's who are looking to break new company records in 2022.

Join us for:

  • Sales Psychology & How To Hone A 'Record Breakers' Mindset'.

  • Winning Sales Strategies That Work In The Modern World.

  • Scripts, Templates & Tools That Get Results Fast.

  • A Community Of Driven Sales Pro's Who Want To Beat Personal Bests.

  • Powered by The Record Breakers Game.

Facilitated by Darcy J Smyth & Steve Claydon, the cofounders of Outbound. A gamification platform that turns your business and personal growth into a coin collecting quest.

Win real world prizes and experiences of the players choice in the Rewards Store and watch When Work Becomes Play™️.

Ready to break some records?