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🚀 Navigating Challenges in Ethereum Scaling Odyssey

Join the biggest conference dedicated to Ethereum Layer 2 Scaling solutions during EthCC. Gain insights into recent technological updates, explore in-depth case studies, and discuss practicals in ETH Layer 2 Scaling.

What to expect:

  • 55+ speakers from ZetaChain, MatterLabs, Polygon, Celestia, Cartesi, Morph, BlastUp and more

  • 700+ attendees

  • 5 panel discussions

  • Ask Builders – speed networking with web3 builders

  • Developer focused conf

🔥 L2con Co-organiser

ZetaChain — the first universal L1 blockchain. It serves as the base-layer of the decentralized internet, providing a platform for global access, simplicity, and utility across any blockchain.

​​​🗓 Agenda for two (!) stages

Panel discussion «Advancements and performance issues in Layer 2 solutions»

Panel discussion «Modular Blockchains: advantages and limitations»

Panel discussion «Rollups and Interoperability Innovations»

Panel discussion «ETH Infrastructure Challenges and Solutions»

🔥 Universal Blockchain Summit by ZetaChain

The full speaker list is out!

Web3 developers, founders, researchers, and enthusiasts are welcome!

Topic to be covered:

  • ETH Rollup Interoperability 

  • ZK vs Optimistic

  • Modularity

  • Data Availability 

  • Shared rollups vs AppChains 

  • Modular stack for zkVMs and ZK-security 

  • Bitcoin L2s

  • Hyperchains and Hyperbridges 

  • Building the AA Infrastructure 

  • and many more.


Speed Networking with Web3 Builders in partnership with Link3

Get a 10-minute consultation slot with our experts during the conference!

Meet all experts here.

🛠 L2con Partners

Cartesi — an app-specific rollup protocol with a virtual machine that runs Linux distributions, creating a richer and broader design space for DApp developers.
Morph — a safe and more cost-effective roll-up solution for consumer applications.
BlastUp — the first launchpad based on Blast. It enables teams to raise capital in a decentralized, safe, and user-friendly environment while rewarding active participants through the Community Incentives Program.
Veridise — a blockchain security company specializing in auditing smart contracts and blockchain implementations. It possesses particular expertise in zero-knowledge-related audits.
Starknet Foundation — a ZK-Rollup built using the STARK cryptographic proof system.
Zircuit — a fully EVM-compatible zero-knowledge rollup powering the limitless potential of web3.
=nil; Foundation — a zkRollup that securely scales Ethereum to 60,000+ TPS through zkSharding, empowering web3 developers to build scalable, secure, and composable applications.
LimeChain — innovative blockchain & Web3 solutions for enterprises and startups.
NEAR — the chain abstraction stack, empowering builders to create apps that scale to billions of users and across all blockchain.
Skate — the first universal application layer that empowers apps to run on 1000s of chains with one state.
Across — a fast, cheap, secure cross-chain bridge for Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, and other Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks.
Taiko — an Ethereum-equivalent ZK-EVM built to scale Ethereum natively. Taiko is currently developing a Based Contestable Rollup, a scaling solution combining the best of optimistic and ZK-rollups with based sequencing to reduce costs and increase decentralization.
Routescan — the world’s first truly unified multi-chain block explorer platform, born on Avalanche and built to support the greater Ethereum ecosystem and beyond.
Boba Network — the first multichain Layer-2 network with Hybrid Compute smart contracts.
Lighter — a decentralized exchange that uses cryptographic proofs for fair matching and liquidation.
YieldNest — a next-generation liquid restaking protocol that provides simple-to-understand, risk-adjusted restaking strategies.
StakeStone — a liquid Ethereum and Bitcoin backed by adaptive staking network that allows for asset staking beyond the traditional consensus layer through its yield-bearing asset, STONE.
Crestal — dynamic modular services platform that provides decentralized backend design and deployment for Web3 builders.
Mantle Network — a high-performance Ethereum layer-2 network with modular design, low fees & high security.
COTI — a Privacy Centric Layer 2 on Ethereum, built with a groundbreaking privacy technology that is fast, secure, and can run on any device.
Everclear (prev Connext) — the first clearing layer. By coordinating the global settlement of liquidity between chains, Everclear solves fragmentation for modular blockchains.
Radius — a sequencing layer designed to secure transactions, guarantee fast finality, and streamline interoperability in rollups.
Pi Squared (Proof of Proof) — enables trustless remote computing, AI, and interoperable smart contracts for any blockchain or dApp.
ZKsync — a Layer 2 protocol scaling Ethereum with advanced ZK tech.
Halliday — a commerce automation network for modular chains: empower your users to spend, manage, and transact with ease.
Polygon — a fundamental protocol that allows anyone to create and exchange value, powered by zero-knowledge technology.
DIA — is a cross-chain, end-to-end, open-source data and oracle platform for Web3.
Caladan — a technology-driven trading group that transacts over $2B daily in cryptoassets on 40+ exchanges, both centralized and decentralized.
Automata Network — a modular attestation layer that extends machine trust to Ethereum with TEE Coprocessors.
Brevis — a smart ZK coprocessor that empowers smart contracts to read the full historical on-chain data from any chain and run customizable computations in a completely trust-free way.
pSTAKE Finance — a Bitcoin Yield and liquid staking protocol, backed by Binance Labs.
Botanix Labs — building the infrastructure to transform Bitcoin from the best money ever made to the programmable layer that will serve as the basis for the future of finance.
Fuel — an operating system purpose-built for Ethereum rollups, designed to help developers build decentralized economies at scale.

🔥 Networking partner – Link3

Built on Cyber, Link3 is a web3 professional network where verified identities meet value-based communication.

For partnership opportunities:

🔥 Media Partners: itez / Bitcoin Insider / Bitmedia / Сoinscapture / Coinspeaker / ICOHOLDER / GeekMetavers / Coin Edition / The Coin Republic / Ultrimining / Crypto Reporter / ECO / Wind / Crypto World / CRYPTONITE / TheMarketPeriodical / CryptoNewsZ / Dutch Crypto Talk / Incrypted / / Cryptoken Media / TheNewsCrypto / Todayq / Blockopedia

The venue is in the city center of Brussels!

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Hotel Le Plaza Brussels
Bd Adolphe Max 118/126, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium
There is a private entrance a little further than the main entrance of the Hotel. It is situated on the left side of the building.
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