5 Frameworks To Be The Next Best Strategist | Free Workshop by Julian Cole



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During the live workshop, you'll learn:

  1. Differences In Agencies And Strategy Expectations

  2. 5 Frameworks You Need To Master

  3. Examples Of The Frameworks

  4. Why They’re Important

  5. How To Implement Them If You’re Not Already

Exclusive Access to Award-Winning Strategist's Secrets

Banish Imposter Syndrome with the 5 Frameworks

A lot of your imposter syndrome as a strategist comes down to one thing.

  • Unclear expectations of your role.

  • Chances are your job descriptions and reviews have been notoriously vague.

  • You're probably always second-guessing yourself.

In this webinar, I want to help you by breaking down the 7 frameworks that you should know at an ad agency.

I’m going to make it super practical for you, so you can start putting them in your process for your next job.

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